1. I’m thinking a special Christmas card should be sent to both Porky and Die Fuhrer May. A card that says thank you ever so much for doing what you have done up till now to ensure that Scotland is supported by everyone in the E.U. whilst eggs constantly land on the faces of Westminster politicians pretending to know what they are talking about.

    It looks like everywhere Nicola Sturgeon goes these days to make a speech she receives a standing ovation meanwhile over in Brussels at the end of year dinner May will see a sign reading “U.K. banned from entering.”

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      1. Well in fairness Tris the U.K. goes to Brussels and *THINKS* it lays down the law when in reality it goesthere and just makes itself look foolish! LOL

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  2. EU politics does seem to be far more about building alliances and reaching consensus through compromise than the UK model. If one good thing comes out of the configuration of the Scottish Parliament it is that the First Minister will be more adept at this than Fox and co.

    “.. a London government that is struggling to keep its head above water”. That about sums it up right now.


    1. It would, I think, take a real effort to be less adept than Fox and co…although I have a feeling that perhaps Wee Willie Rennie could manage it.


  3. I am grateful for the support of politicians in other countries. We could have done with their support 2 years ago. As it stands, we should be wary that we are just another pawn in the EU chess game. I want fervently my country to be free, but I suspect some of the new found friends are still more interested in what they get out of the game than what we get.

    Deep down, we are always on our own.

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    1. I suspect that every country is likely to look to its own interests at all times. Of course they always look to teh interests of teh bit that matters… in teh case of the UK, London.

      I remember when I worked in France they use to say… “Tout passe par Paris”. Everything goes to Paris, which controlled everything, and mainly for it’s own benefit.

      My other favourites: “Parisiens têtes de chien !… Parigots têtes de veau !”

      They don’t like the capital either!


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