Carlaw hits the buffers

2It’s hard to credit the amount of time and effort, social media space and press attention that Humza Yousaf has got following the breakdown of a train a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve lost count of the number of times  his resignation has been demanded despite the fact that rail in Scotland, or at least that part of it that Scotland controls, is doing rather well by comparison with the chaos that abounds in some parts of England.

You’ll no doubt remember the classy comments made by one of the sillier Tories.

Needless to say, Jackson Carlaw, as deputy tank commander, had to get his dig in too. The Scottish people wanted a transport minister who used trains, he claimed (although to the best of my knowledge transport also includes road, cars, buses, bikes and planes… so why demand he use trains?)

1The minister doesn’t use trains or it would show in his MSP expenses. The public would be furious that the transport minister had never set foot upon a train, he claimed proudly, as if he’d dealt the man a body blow.

Needless to say, as it was Jackson Carlaw, it was rubbish.

Humza is a minister and his travel costs from Glasgow to Edinburgh have by law to be attributed to ministerial expenses, and not constituency MSP expenses.


So the facts are something like this:

Between May and November the minister took 34 train trips, 28 between Glasgow and Edinburgh stations.

Mr Carlaw only took five trips between the cities. So Humza used the train a good deal more than Mr Carlaw. To add insult to injury, Mr Carlaw’s claims for  mileage in his car came to  £878, including 21 trips between his home and parliament. This is rather more expensive than taking the train.  (A return fare costs £27,20 and the mileage cost is £46,80.) Still, Mr Carlaw is an important and busy man! Why would he take the train?

It is becoming clearer to me by the day why Mr Carlaw’s business career was less that hugely successful. Clearly he doesn’t do his research before he opens his mouth,  he isn’t terribly economical with his expenses, and he can’t count.


Just after I uploaded this, I discovered these tweet which explains where Mr C gets his sharp wit.




Make what you will of them….


32 thoughts on “Carlaw hits the buffers”

  1. They could of course be just political lies like Charmichaels.
    Or like the labour politician who said only 1 SNP MP spoke on the pensions debate, totally forgetting that a lot of us were actually watching it?

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    1. Aye that one was a corker. Not only did Ms Black make a barnstorming speech, there were 10 other SNP MPs speaking. It seems that the dimwit Labour MP wasn’t too good at counting either.

      Must be a Yoon thing!


  2. I really question the intelligence of the opposition parties.

    Let’s face it Tris neither RED Tory, BLUE Tory or that other lot have the brain cell between the lot of them to figure out that before you open your mouth there are a couple of things you must do first.

    1) ensure up to date RESEARCH is carried out proficiently
    2) engage BRAIN

    Failure to carry out either of these simple instructions will ALWAYS result in the following:

    1) egg all over your face
    2) you become a laughing stock

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    1. Fortunate for them that the press are less likely to run with that than they are with an SN BaaaaaaaD story.

      But Labour seems to have been like that since the time it went into opposition and Jack stood down. None of them ever check up the facts before they open their mouths and 9 times out of ten, they’ve got it wrong.

      Now you have the Tories at it too, or maybe we’re just starting to notice it more with them because they’re more numerous than before.

      Seriously though, where did they get that third rater?

      We are still waiting for an apology from him, as we are from that Labour idiot, Cunningham who said only one MP from SNP spoke in the pensions debate, forgetting that we could watch it and mos of us can count beyond 1 …clearly excluding him, Then of course, there’s the idiotic expenses débacle, which turned out to be a pack of lies

      It seems that among those great British values they run off at the mouth about, humility and the odd apology don’t seem to figure strongly.


  3. I think these so called opposition MSPs have obviously got far too much time on their hands and instead of making arses of themselves could better use it by helping out members of the public. I hurt my back a few weeks ago and my garden hasn’t had its winter tidy up yet. I for one think that with the amount we’re paying these people they could blooming well come to my house and do it for me!

    It would be a much more constructive use of their time and I wouldn’t criticise the mode of transport used to get here!

    Could I let them loose on my garden though? That’s a tricky one.

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  4. That’s very nice of you. I should be ok in time for the spring tidy up and with a bit of elbow grease it’ll be back to its full glory. Thanks though.

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  5. Ruth is right, the SNP don’t get to appropriate the cultural heritage of all Scots and slap her own party’s narrow message on it. Not now, not ever.

    Scotland belongs to all of us, and we need to start coming back together following the divisions caused and inflicted by referendum (frankly, both of them, EU and indy). Time to get back to schools, hospitals, tax rates – the issues that make or break peoples lives.

    I’m in China, and since 1978 they’ve pulled over 700M ppl out of poverty since outset of reform in 1978, plus giving around $58B aid to other countries and international orgs. If a developing country can invest in people, high speed rail, new schools why the hell are we ignoring our problems in these areas and rehashing issues referendums supposedly settled?

    And yeah, that is some of the good stuff you never hear about China in the west.

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    1. Is it then inappropriate for the Conservative Party to hijack St George’s Day?

      I think you’ll find, Dean, that while Ruth has been criticising the SNP for fixating on independence, that hospitals, transport and education have received MORE money. and that the Scottish Heath Service for example, is performing better than its 3 counterparts in the UK. Scottish railways are doing better than most of their English counterparts.

      The trouble is that the UK funds these things so much less than other European nations, and so we get a worse deal. Scotland can only do so much with the money it is given. And I understand that the Conservatives want to CUT taxes, so that we would have even LESS to spend on these services.

      Mind you, why we need to be subsidising rail is beyond me. Major said that the reason we had to privatise them was to cut the cost to the public purse.

      How has that gone so badly wrong?

      China has certainly made changes since I was a kid! (No jokes about the Ming dynasty, please).

      I imagine like all nations there are good and bad things about it. Certainly it has revolutionised cheap products for the ordinary people in countries like Scotland.

      Folk can have things they would NEVER have had before, thanks to the low cost of Chinese imports.


      1. China, the oldest civilization on planet earth, is a developing country? You mean is taking up the consumerist, capitalist mantle.
        I’ve heard plenty of good things about China, can’t say the same about Tories.

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    1. Yes, as it goes, I can. Look at the chaos of the English Health Service; the English Railways and English Education, just for starters.

      All run specifically for England by the Tory government.

      No thanks, to quote a well known phrase.


  6. Jackson Carlaw was a second hand car salesman. So what does he know about trains?

    Oh and both car sales businesses he was in charge of both failed and went into administration, so he clearly wasn’t a very good second hand car salesman or he wasn’t a very good business man, or perhaps both!!

    He doesn’t seem to be a very good deputy leader to a second hand English political party either it would seem.

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    1. I’ve always thought he was third rate.

      I rate Ruth, although I think she often says things before thinking, like her example here, and I used to rate Murdo, until he got his hands on a Twitter account and started rivalling Ian Smart for dick tweets, but I’ve always though this bloke was a fool.

      I don’t really know any of the rest of the Tories, but surely there must have been somewhere among them a brighter example to make deputy leader.


      1. I saw Jackson in the local shopping centre a few weeks ago. And as for where the got him? Eastwood – no that I voted for him. Anyway the fecking Tories have talked out Mhairi’s sanctions bill. It was probably easier for them with this bill. After all some might have had sympathy for the Turing bill but here it was both SNP and benefit claimants they were screwing over – that’s the Tories 25th of December right there.

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        1. I imagine that the marvellous Mhairi knew that they would do it, but you have to try.

          I have a REAL problem with them talking out Private Member bills, any PM bills, regardless of who has initiated them. It’s a real affront to democracy.

          These Bills take a lot of work on the part of the proposer. Almost undoubtedly they are caused by what the member has witnessed in his/her constituency surgery.

          This is real democracy. But Westminster doesn’t like democracy as well we know so some government person is encouraged to talk them out.

          OK. If Westminster doesn’t want these Bills to go through, just stop them. Then they don;t have to waste a whole pile of time listening to dreary long drawn out speech about the derivation of the word floccinaucinihilipilification, as described at length by Old Etonian Jacob Rees Mogg.

          As you say though, there must be some very happy Tories tonight. Stuffed the poor and stuffed the SNP adn best of all, stuffed Ms Black, who shames them all.

          Job done.


        1. To be honest, I’ve never heard anything about him except that he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I’d no idea what the cause of that was, but the suggestion is that he’s inclined like the Noble Baron ffoulkes.


  7. The reasons for train delays are online. The Network Rail website gives the reasons for train delays (over 3 minutes) for the year up to November 2016. Over this period, 54% of train delays were caused by Network Rail and 37% by ScotRail. The remainder were caused by other operating companies.

    Scotrail’s website shows the reasons for the 6 major delays to trains in October and November this year – the cause of so much frothing at Holyrood. Four of the six delays were caused by Network Rail and two were due to train breakdowns.

    I am sure that most of you reading this will know that Network Rail, controls and operates the railways and was set up and is controlled by the Westminster government. So Labour and Conservative MSPs are attacking the effects of their own parties’ policies and blaming it on the SNP government.

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    1. Hi Sam.

      Thanks for that.

      It’s a really good point.

      It would be really handy if the opposition parties’ MSPs would do just a little more actual work, and spend less time on bashing the SNP for the sake of bashing the SNP.

      It’s a ridiculous situation that the Scottish government is responsible for rail services in Scotland, yet the rails are owned by a British company.

      Of course the whole rail privatisation thing was ridiculous. I suppose it was john Major trying to prove that he could be as idiologically mad as Maggie


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