Opening in 2017, the 2.7 km Queensferry Crossing will be the longest 3 tower cable-stayed bridge in the world

So, the clever people at the Foreign office put this picture on Twitter with the above text.

Clearly, they are talking about the new bridge, the Queensferry Crossing, which as you can see, wasn’t even started when this photograph was taken. The bridge in the forefront of this picture is, as we all know, the rail bridge. It was opened in 1890. It is a single cantilever, the second longest in the world after the Pont de Québec spanning the Hudson between Sainte Foy and Lévis in Canada.


Just why the Foreign Office chose that picture is rather beyond me. A computer generated image of the future bridge would surely have been a better idea. And, some of us might question why they seem so proud of a bridge that they had nothing to do with designing, building or indeed funding.

It’s also worth a little chuckle that they designated its length in the hated kilometres of the hated EU. Weird that!

But don’t worry about their lack of knowledge, my Twitter mate, “Taylor” put them right in his own inimitable way!

Language warning.

you didn’t design, nor did you have anything to do with the funding of it. *AND* that’s the wrong fucking bridge ya nugget.

UPDATE: Just noticed this on Twitter!!!



Shaun Retweeted Foreign Office (FCO)

With this level of cock-up one thing is clear – MUST resign. Enough with separation. Day job!



  1. I always had a sneaky feeling that the great *cough* Foreign Office of this great *cough cough* country that is the broken and disunited kingdom of the UK were behind the times. This confirms my thoughts.

    Thanks Tris.

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  2. tris and others

    Nicola is a star …so proud she is our First Minister and other
    snp suggested gloop.

    so why ?????

    Wonderful Leadership at this rate SHE HAS SAVED THE UNION FOREVER
    Still the snp in power covet mightily all that English Gold Westminster throws
    THE BANK he pays the piper call the tune dance snp dance to Westminsters

    Support for independence in Scotland falls below 45% for first time since referendum, poll suggests

    According to a YouGov poll for the Times (paywall), support for independence in Scotland has now fallen for the first time below the 45% level achieved in the referendum in September 2014.

    The poll puts support for independence at 44%, and support for Scotland staying in the UK at 56%. The paper’s report goes on:

    John Curtice, Scotland’s leading polling expert, said the Times data was the first poll to suggest that the “yes” vote has fallen below the level of September 18, 2014.

    He said it showed that the SNP’s strategy of linking independence so closely to EU membership had eroded support for the core policy.

    The decline in support for independence coincides with an upsurge in the popularity of Ruth Davidson and the Scottish Conservatives, who have made being the party of the Union their core message to voters.

    Ms Davidson’s personal net approval is now at 25 points, up from 21 in the last Times poll three months ago. Her overall net positive rating is more than double Ms Sturgeon’s 11 points

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    1. Certainly true, Niko, that Blair should be held to account for misleading parliament and murdering a million of so people, but he’s stinking rich and so he won’t be. Presumably he’ll be able to protect his money grubbing little mate Jack (Man of) Straw, too. What a pity that the critics he had, like Robin Cook and that weapons expert, died so suddenly. It would have been nice to hear their viewpoints.


  3. That was some funny thread. It is also somewhat pleasing that the likes of Boris and Theresa have such loyal foot-soldiers as niko. Deluded as he may be….

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      1. I liked the irony of it all, as much as anything. I also like pictures of bridges – although not as much as bonobo’s – to be honest. The picture someone put up of Eileen Donan Castle, with a bridge in it was very funny.


    1. conan

      Nat Statistics in which they always win accept in the real snp
      organised and run Referendum and on these poll ratings
      no new referendum if ever for a long long time…
      and talking about stats what your BMI
      as was


      The Enemy of my enemy etc
      or if you prefer

      L’ennemi de mon ennemi est mon ami

      seems lots of expats in the eu who voted for
      leaving the eu are now panicking about wot happens
      to them oh dearie me.
      and as for the Torys demanding preferential treatment
      of expats after/if we leave the eu….wot a nerve as was said
      when in they wanted opt outs and if out they want opt ins.

      still we do indeed live in an topsy turvy world nw.

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      1. Thanks for your concern Niko, but my waist measurement is 32 inches. Being a body builder, you know muscle weighs more than fat… I walk around eight to ten miles a day with my wee terriorists humping quite a heavy backpack (Books and beer).

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      2. Well, that explains it, Niko. But I’d never have said we were enemies.

        Brits have this strange view that somehow, even though no foreigner should be able to come to THEIR country, the same should not apply to them.

        I suspect it’s an Empire thing, don’t you know, old chap. Absolutely no reason why Brits should go live in India, Australia, Kenya, etc, ad infinitum , but damned if Johnnie Foreigner should be allowed the same privilege, “because they are not British, don’t you see”.

        The government is just a s bad. Demand, demand, demand. We want the City, we want free movement of services, we want…

        But having stirred up xenophobia to screaming pitch, so much so that some mentally unstable people felt it justified injuring, and even killing foreigners, they just can’t afford to look as if they are conceding anything to them.

        If they do they will have the most vile, violent, thuggish, right wing nut jobs out on the streets with their Nazi salutes and much more.


  4. Oops!

    I forgot to mention that if you input these figures into Scotland votes thingy you will end up with:

    SNP 64 seats
    Labour 17 seats
    Greens 11 seats
    LD’s 5 seats
    Tories whatever is left. LOL


    1. It begs the question of whether or not the SNP are willing to make independence a manifesto commitment or not. Presumably, if they do and they still win a majority of seats, then independence here we come?

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      1. You usually agree with me?

        You are some sick puppy. 🙂

        Anyway, I usually agree with you too, which is kind of odd, ’cause the only other site that agreed with me was Pickled Politics and only really when I had a run in with the National Front’s legal advisor. I miss that web
        site. Good people, and almost all English.


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