You’d think…

…that with a 66% increase in their benefits, one or two of them might crack an actual smile.


But look at them. Mrs Parker Bowles isn’t even looking at the people who provide her more than comfortable  lifestyle. Charlie looks like he lost a pound and found a penny. Kate Middleclass is at least making an effort, but goodness it’s a fixed rictus smile. One bairn looks like it’s teething and the other like it needs to pee. William and Harry look irritated or bored. Phil looks vaguely bemused. Fortunately,  Ed the lad is obscured from view. And, needless to say, the queen looks her usual grumpy self.

Some benefit claimants are just NEVER satisfied, no matter what you do for them.

I’m looking forward to the next time that the Daily Diana or the Daily Heil come up with an oversized working-class family that gets thousands in benefits from hard-working families up and down the country, and which needs two council houses to live in.

I wonder if, unlike the upper-class one that fits the same descriptor, THEY will crack a smile…

36 thoughts on “You’d think…”

    1. I take it you approve of their large pay increase while benefits for non royals, non aristos/MPs are being reduced by a sinful amount?

      Funny sort of socialist, if you don’t mind me saying.


  1. See the propaganda value in the picture? The composition? Fluffy weans in the centre of the frame, the continuity. William looking a lot like his great great grandfather. And centre stage.

    I wouldnt be surprised if obscuring Ed was deliberate. Though it always amuses me to see him wearing a military uniform, following his exceptional length of service in the armed forces.

    Long to reign over us……..

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  2. I must be a succer for a rictus smile, for Kate Middleton looks actually happy, as does Prince Philip.

    I expect is the whole damn cost of Polish electricians to fix up their gaff that is getting to the rest of them. Probably Kate and Philip don’t really give an, ahem. one….

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  3. Our monarchy is better value for money than most presidential systems, costing less and providing a source of continuity and comfort for most.

    They represent our history, heritage, traditions as we continue to change as a people and country; bombarded by constant changes.

    This is why our monarchy is popular, shall remain popular. God Save the Queen!

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    1. Pish, people still Visit Versailles, no royals there; Value for money argument lost. Especially when the tax payer has to pay the worlds richest woman’s household bills; because she couldn’t be arsed doing routine maintenance.
      History, is where they belong.
      The great tradition of kowtowing, to a person who’s ancestors were thugs, that slew some other thugs and convinced the uneducated population, that a none existent God gave them dominion over their fellow man; once again pish.

      But then again, your political views favour the well heeled, and not the those that genuinely need help.

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      1. I could handle a more “ordinary” monarchy. The Norwegians and Dutch, Swedes and Danes seem to have reached reasonable compromises. Small royal family, NOT treated like gods. Not aloof.

        The Windsors seem to want to live in the 21st century and be treated like they were in the 17th.

        I’m not sure on what figures Dean based his value for money. Maybe he’ll provide them.

        As you say, Versailles brings in far more visitors that Buckingham Palace, as I image do the Austrian royals. When I was there the place was jam packed with tourists in great big long queues to see the dishes that the imperial family ate from and the pots they peed in. The royal industry in Vienna is fantastic.

        Presidents need not cost a fortune.


    2. That the Royals are adored by some sections of our community is without doubt.

      That those sections are usually Tory or Orange is also without doubt, fawning obsequiousness or unthinking tribal *ahem* loyalty.

      Not my cup of tea, either of them.

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      1. True. I think a lot of older people seem to like them. Maybe becasue they were brought up to “respect” them…not out of respect, but out of a way of ensuring the order stayed the was it had always been.

        not my cup of tea either, but if they would slim down and treat them nearer the way they treat other people, it might endear them to me a little.

        “We’re all in this together, but I’m going to buy my grandson a £8 million helicopter so he can get home in time to see his son to bed, just like any decent granny would!”


  4. Niko, do you love your queen? Does she love you in return? Are you willing to give her a few bob to keep her in luxury? Is she willing to give you a few bob to help you survive for another day?

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  5. They are a disgrace and everything they stand for is an insult to every one of us who actually believe in democracy, not the bullship version of non democracy that we currently have to suffer. Governed at the UK level by wankers and an opposition, minus most of the SNP, filled with wankers as well.


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    1. Hmmmm. I take it you don’t care for them then, Bruce. 🙂

      But it is an insult to democracy, and the royals are the pinnacle of a class ridden system that was out of date 70 years ago, and of which most countries have rid themselves.

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