01This is a comment left on an article in The Financial Times. It’s hilarious, but it also seems to be to me to be frighteningly true.

So, this is how the debate reads so far. I kid you not, it’s practically verbatim:

Remainers (left holding the Brexit baby after the Leavers… left) “WTF?”

Leavers “We voted Brexit, now You Remainers need to implement it”

Remainers “But it’s not possible!”

Leavers “The People Have Spoken. Therefore it is possible. You just have to think positively.”

Remainers “And do what exactly?”

Leavers “Come up with a Plan that will leave us all better off outside the EU than in it”

Remainers “But it’s not possible!”

Leavers “Quit with the negative vibes. The People Have Spoken.”

Remainers “But even you don’t know how!”

Leavers “That’s your problem, we’ve done our bit and voted, we’re going to sit here and eat popcorn and watch as you do it.”

Remainers “Shouldn’t you do it?”

Leavers “It’s not up to us to work out the detail, it’s up to you experts.”

Remainers “I thought you’d had enough of experts”

Leavers “Remain experts.”

Remainers “There are no Leave experts”

Leavers “Then you’ll have to do it then. Oh, and by the way, no dragging your feet or complaining about it, because if you do a deal we don’t want, we’ll eat you alive.”

Remainers “But you don’t know what you want!”

Leavers “We want massive economic growth, no migration, free trade with the EU and every other country, on our terms, the revival of British industry, re-open the coal mines, tea and vicars on every village green, some bunting, and maybe restoration of the empire.”

Remainers “You’re delusional.”

Leavers “We’re a delusional majority. DEMOCRACY! So do the thing that isn’t possible, very quickly, and give all Leavers what they want, even though they don’t know what they want, and ignore the 16 million other voters who disagree. They’re tight trouser latte-sipping hipsters who whine all the time, who cares.”

By Ishtar Ostaria


  1. Hillarious indeed !!! And more of the same is waiting for the US !!!!!Do you really think the new governement in the UK and in the US can do what they promished you to do ??? Really ?????

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        1. LOL. I wish I could offer words of encouragement.. ya know, that things (if you’ll pardon the joke) can only get better… How’s that working out Blair?


  2. Yes, we have liars telling the voters that the impossible is possible then the voters believe it, vote with them in a referendum and then potentially might riot if the impossible doesn’t come to pass. Because hey, that’s what they voted for.

    Did I read somewhere that there’s a law concerning incitement to riot or did I dream it. Oh I forgot it doesn’t matter anyway because the liars are politicians and they can tell as many lies as they like regardless of the damage they do with relatively little personal consequence. They may lose their seat as a result of their actions but with the hardships that Brexit is projected to cause, some people will lose their lives. It’s collateral damage, it’s only the poor, the vulnerable, sick, old etc…. so it doesn’t matter just as long as they get their England back.

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  3. Yes your right of course. I sometimes get a bit carried away with the stupidity of it all though It looks like everyone’s going to feel its effects. Well, mostly everyone that is. It’s just another reason for achieving independence. At least the initial pain of that would be in setting our country up instead of being taken down by rUK while it finds itself.

    I live in hope.

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    1. It’s all we have, really.

      It continues to amaze me that, despite the fact that w can’t afford almost anything and that the debt is fast becoming a farce, we still have the money for a nuclear deterrent.


  4. Wangland to Brexit .. no probs
    N ireland to do what it likes as an independent probs
    Scotland to Remain as an independent state.. no probs

    There sorted.

    What was so difficult?

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    1. I reckon that NI will eventually join the Republic. It’s a very detached part of the Uk as it is and, apart from the flag waving, it would be far better off as part of Ireland.


      1. I don’t think they can join Ireland until their internal issues are resolved. While they have walls between communities that would make the israelies blush then their will be no prospect of integration with anybody. Hence leave them as a separate independent state until such time as they can integrate.

        They can choose to be in EU or not if they are independent.

        Key is to make Stormont come to their own accomodation.

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        1. Oh yeah, I forgot they have a different Jesus depending on what side of the street they live on.

          I suspect though that would be a matter for their governments to sort out. it is getting better, and now that the republic is far less religiously based, I could see it working.


  5. If a “hard” Brexit was feasible,it would have happened months ago.
    HM government are hoping that,either circumstances will change re.EU structures so that they don’t have to leave or that once they get their act together,they will be able to negotiate a trade deal which will allow them to do so.
    I don’t see the former happening in the near future and the latter is almost entirely up to the EU.
    Not looking good for May in Springtime.

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    1. What could save them, I suppose, is the rise of the far right over Europe, electing governments closer to the Tories and forcing the EU to change drastically.

      If that happened, May might even try to stay in a revised EU, although I suspect that the kind of hatred of foreigners what has been stirred up by the Mail and the Express might be very hard to suppress if they don’t now get their way.

      The future doesn’t really look bright anywhere, but in any event, I think an independent Scotland, closely allied to Scandinavia is out best hope.

      Still, as we know Blair, Fundilymundily and Teacake are coming to save us. It appears that Blair has lost it now. He thinks he’s the second coming.


      1. Blair’s lost it? He never had it, just a facade, a mear veneer of “socialist” values; a red Tory writ large. Same goes with the other two, from the trio of clowns.

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        1. But he believes that becasue Mayhem is lightweight and Corbyn is a nutter (his description in both cases) we need him to save us.

          The British people voted. Even the nephew of God himself can’t alter that, no matter how many conversations he and Bush and the good lord have.

          I wonder when Mandy will get involved…

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      2. Some of those who wish to remain in the EU are hanging their hat on “other countries within the EU flaunt rules on free movement of labour etc”.
        What they don’t understand is that the EU has it’s eye on the longer term integration of Europe and will ignore some practices being implemented by certain countries in the short/medium term.
        They will not do this with a country which has stated it’s intention to withdraw completely from the EU project.
        Any prospect of a flexible response from the EU towards accommodating the UK has gone.

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        1. They just can’t afford to turn a blind eye to Britain, I agree.

          There are a fair number of people with such a pathological hatred of the EU that they want nothing to do with them. Maybe the Tory party will break up over this.


  6. A bit like britnats in Holyrood telling the Scottish government to sort out the problems foisted upon Scotland by britnat Westminster.


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