You know, it would be a wonder if sometimes we didn’t ALL say things on social media, particularly Twitter, that, upon reflection, would have been better left unsaid.

Of course, for many of us it doesn’t matter a fig. No one much reads our tweets, and those who do are probably friends…so it’s a bit like down the pub when we say something silly among our mates.

But when you’re a politician (or other celebrated personality), and your tweets are read by thousands, and they reflect the attitude of your party, it might be a good idea to consider very carefully before you put finger to keyboard.

It’s a small thing maybe, but using a picture of a natural disaster that killed 26 people and brought about devastation and misery just to make a silly, petty point against Humza and the SNP, is beneath even what you’d expect from anyone, let alone a supposedly educated man.

Stay classy, Prof.



  1. So finally we find out why this upper class twat missed a meeting of the Social security committee last week. He was far too busy trawling the internet looking for a picture of a railway line with broken branches lying on it.

    The time has past for twats like this to be brought to book preferably after being dragged through a fire backwards!

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    1. Ouch. You sound angry.

      It’s the callousness that I hate. 26 people died in that tragedy and Tomkins thinks it’s ok to make a joke of it at Humza’s expense.

      He’s just not funny.

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      1. WHIT?

        Me angry?

        Nah it’s just my normal week day rant at a pathetic useless earsehole of a Tory rant. LOL

        It just shows the usual high level of callousness exhibited by greed driven ermine cloak focused self indulgent uesless Tories Tris.

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  2. Tomkins is an idiot, probably googled a picture of a railway; without checking the photos history.
    Apart from that, it was his fekin Tory party that privatised the railways to begin with, never mind Scotland’s railways out perform the rUK.
    As Arbroath says, arsehole!

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    1. Yep. John Major and his daft rail privatisation. Absolute catastrophe. The worst, most expensive and slowest railways in Western Europe, with the biggest government subsidies.


  3. maybe he wouldn’t make such crass mistakes if he wasn’t doing two jobs at the same time – MSP and University Professor. Past time he gave one of them up. If it’s the uni post then politics loss will be education’s gain.

    Really getting fed up with this “Get Humza” campaign. As someone said on twitter given the shambles of Southern Rail, never mind the rest of the network, if the English Transport minister had to resign every time there was a problem then every Tory MP would have had a shot twice!!

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    1. Exactly. Worst railway service in Europe thanks to Tory policies. Leave the guy alone. Humza throw himself into his work. He’s good at it and people like him.

      They are digging their own holes with this one. For goodness sake can’t they see that?


  4. If the Conservatives are so worried about the provision of a railway to Glasgow Airport, why don’t they and their rich pals build one? If its viable they’ll make money. If it isn’t then its losses won’t come out of the pocket money their Wasteminster pals have cut. And it won’t be our problem if the trains break, and it won’t be on the PSBR. Go on Twatkins, put up or shut up.

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  5. Going back four years or more, his blog used to be interesting. Agree with it no, but it had interesting articles about the constitution and the Referendum.

    Then bit by bit it became more and more closed minded, and the one thing about anything to do with constitution, law and realpolitiks is that you just can’t be close minded, you have to properly consider all angles.

    Tomkins went downhill, and it really accelerated when he got into politics.

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      1. Rings a bell, but I wouldn’t swear to it. His blogs were a bit ignorant of the different constitutional position of Scotland to the rUK, but at least they were considered. But here’s from his latest article I just looked at:

        “It is a question of UK constitutional law that has a single UK-wide answer.”

        Sigh. As a “Lawyer” as he describes himself, he really should know better.

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      2. No you’re right. He co authored a book with Alasdair Gray entitled “How We Should Rule Ourselves”, which advocated each country of the UK becoming an Independent Republic.

        God only knows what has happened to him since.

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  6. Classy and Humour are not attributes I would normally associate with Tory politicians.
    I used to think that the only thing Tories learned at school was counting but since Brexit it appears not even that.
    They certainly appear to know a thing or two about burning bridges.

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    1. I find it disturbing that they don;t concentrate on what is REALLY wrong instead of this constant campaign of hatred again the SNP, and/or independence.

      It might have been a reasonable stab at a policy once upon a time, but they’ve been trying it since 2007. That’s 9,5 years ago. It hasn’t worked.

      How thick do you have to be to understand that if it not only hasn’t worked but it has made the independence movement and/or the SNP more popular, then maybe it’s the wrong policy.

      And they just do themselves harm if they use images of death creating natural disasters to berate a man who is doing a reasonable job in trying circumstances.

      As we’ve said, how is the English transport minister doing?


  7. Just a thought.
    He used to be all for an Independent Republic of Scotland.
    His words and actions these days are driving folk into the Indy camp.
    Maybe he is an Indy secret agent. A sleeper in the Tory Party? 🙂

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    1. I do wonder sometimes Juteman. I get this vision of a Star Wars celebration after the Return of the Jedi with a group of unexpected people and us Indy supporters going like: “eh?”. Alistair Darling without helmet getting pride of place of course 🙂

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    2. Well, surely that is bound to happen when people become so ridiculous in the criticisms. I’ve always thought that all politicians and governments are and should be open to criticism where its legitimate, and I’ve certainly never thought that the SNP was perfect. I do believe though that they have the best interests of Scotland at heart, and I don’t believe that is true of Labour or the Tories.

      So I think it is right that the opposition parties should find fault with the government. They could always do better.

      I just find it tiring that fools like this won’t let go of tiny little things. OK. I accept that if you were stuck in that tunnel or couldn’t get to work becasue of the backlog, it wasn’t a tiny little thing but given that it’s something that happens on London Underground every single day in life, I really wonder at the foolery of them dining out on it for so long.

      Do they not see that the bulk of the population isn’t really so thick that it can’t see what they are doing.

      You have to conclude that if you have to make a two week drama out of one broken down train, you really have sod all to complain about.

      Yes, maybe he is indeed a plant.



  8. The problem is that when the Prof does any research at all it invariably shows that we are trying our best to improve or fix a problem that hinges on a short sighted decision by someone other than the SNP

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    1. He is fortunate however that the press don’t usually allude to these facts and so Joe Public doesn’t necessarily know the truth. Regrettably the truth is not the objective of the press. Rather they seem to go for propaganda.


      1. I’m not sure if Iain Docherty is still a member of the branch office Douglas but I’d hazzard guess that he is or rather he was until that tweet went out. I suspect words will be getting said in the branch office cludgy with a view to having his membership revoked. How dare he come out and accuse wee Kezy baby of naked partisanship. He obviously never received her latest memo regarding the push for power from the branch office. LOL

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    1. Excellent find. I’ve retweeted, and I hope others will too.

      These people are making idiots of themselves over this and only get away withit because we don’t have a balanced press


      1. Apparently there are some overhead lines down on the rail network somewhere so no doubt we can all guess what wee Kezy baby will be going tomorrow at FMQ’s … right? LOL

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        1. Oh no. Overhead lines down in the northern country where it’s likely to be windy sometimes>

          Of course, we’re not likely to suffer from that in Dundee, as they never got round to electrification any farther north than Edinburgh. So we are still on 1950s technology.


  9. If this illustrates the level of research that Mr Tomkins carries out to fulfil his university job, I’d say his employer and clients are being short-changed.

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