1. As has been said, elsewhere, it’s the annual hunt of the transport minister; as long as it’s a SNP minister, that is.
    SLab have nothing left (literally, nothing “left”) but to carp from the sides, abstain, talk bollocks or side with the Tories; as long as they can play counting coup against the SNP.

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    1. I think they don;t know that some of us have actually been on trains in England. Or on trains that are commissioned by the UK government. Jeeez what a disaster. There was one time I had to get 5 trains on a return journey to Bradford… each one of them was late… and I mean LATE, in one case by HOURS.

      On the way back from Paris (on the London-Edinburgh part of the journey I was held up for two hours because of something wrong with the line.

      You know in all of these things it wouldn’t have occurred to me to ask for the resignation of England’s transport minister. These things bloody well happen. Trains break down. Drivers fail to turn up because they are sick, rails fail, signals fail, van drives crash into bridges and everything is held up while they check on safety.

      It’s life.

      Humza was out in the station at 6.30 the next morning. Because he’s a minister who cares.

      I don’t even know who their transport minister is… but I bet you any money he or she wouldn’t have done that.

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  2. He does not maintain trains, he does not drive trains, he does not make up the timetables, he does not operate the trains. He is no more responsible for a train breaking down than the Orang in SS picture 1 is.

    Newspapers are best for lining budgie cages, lighting fires and soaking up vinegar. As a source of either news or sensible comment, you are better to look elsewhere. And as it is common knowledge that the MOT is even less reliable that Abellio I wouldn’t worry much what any of their “unbiased” reports try to fob us off with.

    Trains break down. One broke down in Bristol last week. I don’t recall Theresa May apologising for it. Why the hell are we always on the defensive? Kez went to Carolina and Hilary’s lead disappeared. I demand that Labour apologise for Trump winning. Boris is a fu@king clown. I demand that Ruth the mooth apologise for him.

    Ignore them. Their agenda is unrelentingly negative. We are letting them set the narrative by responding to their endless petty carping. The last section of the new Forth bridge was placed last week. Celebrate that. A train breaks? I honestly don’t care.

    Watch this transport story. Good news. Bet it wont be on misreporting Scotland any time soon.

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      1. Nope, I guess not. I do try, when credit is due to say, the Tories in Westminster, to give them that credit (I don’t recall many occasions), and I have on a few occasions congratulated both Ruth and Kezia (although never wee Wullie) for good moves. It’s a shame that they don’t do the same thing with each other. No one is wrong all the time.

        I noticed on the front page of the Scottish Daily Mail that chicken in Scotland is 70% contaminated. So I wondered if the Minister for Chickens should resign. Then I noticed when I got home that this is true of the UK and understood why no one was called to account.

        I bet the Mail is seething that they are British chickens, and they can’t blame it on foreigners.

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  3. So let me see if I have this right.

    On Thursday a train breaks down in the tunnel between Haymarket and Waverley.

    Wee Kez gets all upset that a train broke down in the worst possible ;location on the whole Scotrail network.

    Wee Kez fails to figure out for herself that train are MECHANICAL and as a result as most people know and understand all things mechanical do have a tendency to break down at any time without warning.

    Meanwhile dan suff folks are stuffed onto trains in worse conditions than sardines in a John Smith’s sardine tin and yet no one complains about this … apparently.

    Further South there is a little known rail company called Southern Rail that has passenger protests, train cancellations, staff threatening strike actions and yet this is totally acceptable and will therefore not need any action to be taken by the Transport Secretary like … erm … RESIGNING for example.

    Finally we have the daily performance figures from all sectors of the Rail network and look folks … Scot rail is OUTPERFORMING the rest of the rail network.

    NOW the cat is out of the bag.

    Humza Yousaf must resign because Scot rail is outperforming the rest of the U.K. This must never be permitted to happen. How dare those pesky uppity Scots outperform anyone.

    p.s. Don’t let a little thing like the idea the Scottish Government has not had the powers available to ensure Scot rail could be brought back into public ownership put anyone off from shooting themselves in the feet, or in Labour’s case BOTH feet.

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  4. If a train breaks down anywhere in Scotland it is a fecking disaster. The government must fall! Wee Kezia should be immediately elected as the new leader of North Britain!

    It is entirely logical.

    From a Kezia Dugdale pov….

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  5. You know what Tris … I’ve come to a conclusion.

    Apparently it is all the SNP’s fault that the Scottish government is doing EXACTLY what it said it was going to do. Not only that but they are doing it deliberately. Furthermore they are doing it whilst seeing constant CUTS to their pocket money received from the greed merchants in Westminster.

    How dare the SNP do what is needed to be done to the best of their ability.

    Under no circumstances should ANY Scottish government minister do what ever they can to ensure their department runs as best as it can to provide the best possible service to the public whilst working under ridiculous constraints imposed on them by Westminster!

    Now if only we had an unionist opposition party that had a leader, or anyone quite frankly, with an unused brain cell who could figure this out for themselves cause quite frankly they are a bad joke … the lot of them!

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    1. You’re probably right, Arbroath.

      Of course, London is so desperate that we shouldn’t strike out on our own and be a successful, but small and pretty unimportant country, that the unionist press will say and do anything to make the SNP look bad. Those in their audience without any critical faculties will swallow it. Those who do have critical faculties may begin to consider that they protest too loud!

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  6. I can remember when politicians used to say ‘vote for me because…..’.
    Now it’s ‘don’t vote for him because….’.


    1. Yes, good point, Jutie. If you have nothing positive to say about your own programme, say something rude about the others’.

      I can’t remember who said, “you don’t have to blow out my candle to make yours seem brighter”. Maybe some of the politicians should take that to heart.


  7. A pretty useful deflection from the failure of Labour to support the Scotland in the Single market motion last week
    They are the ones we should be demanding resignations from as they clearly don’t put Scottish interests first.

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    1. I bet that the Labour mayor of London will be doing all he can to get a special deal for his city.

      Sheer blind hatred of the SNP caused Labour’s refusal to accept the same thing here.

      And then, as you say, they tore into Humza, despite the total ridiculousness of the situation.

      Humza is the first transport minister who is actually looking at renationalisation. You’d have thought Labour would have been supporting him all the way, given that at one time it was Labour’s policy.

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      1. Don’t worry Tris Labour were supporting Humza on his ideas about renationalisation. Well I say they were that was until they found out that Humza is a member of the SNP then it all went sort of pear shaped for poor old Labour. LOL

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    1. The second one is a particularly repugnant character. How could anyone put all that hate on a page on Twitter> I blocked her, but my flesh still creeps when I think of just how disgusting she is.


  8. Just in case anyone was wondering here is the bio of Scott Arthur.

    “Me – Edinburger, Academic, Father, Socialist, Brother, Cyborg, CoS Elder, Runner, Cyclist, Son, Civil Engineer,…”

    I just love the idea he is a Church of Scotland Elder and here was me thinking that was the crowd who keep telling us all we should love our neighbour and stuff. LOL

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    1. Aye, that’s always a sore point for me.

      Love one another; rich man can’t get into heaven; god loves everyone; love love love; tolerance; kindness; duty of care. Says the Bible.

      We are a Christian country, say the Uk government.

      Let’s cut benefits and not fund the health service or the councils to provide care.

      Anyone see a disconnect with all that?

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  9. We know the Slab efficiency figures have fallen; down from 35 to 25 MSPs, 21 of those List and 17 of those specifically reject by voters at GE, the newspapers numbers for DR, DM, Express,Herald,Scotsman falling dramatically, so their efficiency well down, BBC won’t release the numbers watching their programmes but estimates watching their political programmes are low.
    So I demand Kezia Dugdale, Editors of all those papers, Head of SBBC political programming MUST all resign.
    Along with the UK Minister of Transport, and the CEOs of all those other rail networks as the efficiency of those networks fall well below Scotland’s.

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