1. Didn’t have time to comb my hair before I got my portrait done. Welcome to Soppy Sunday anyway.



2. Colours of autumn in the English Lake District.
3. Coolangatta Mountains. (Thanks Kangaroo.)
4. More autumn colours.



5.Yellow Billed Ox Peckers, pecking a giraffe!



6. Shhhhhh, I’m sleeping.



7. I’d not like to be where that came to earth!



8. I mean, do I look like an ox?



9. Castel Mezzano.



10. What a perfect place to land.



11. If you could work out a way to tow that to Saudi, you could make a fortune.



12. Jasper, Kangaroo’s beautiful dog.



13. Sorry, I don’t seem to be able to resist autumn colours.



14. This is, or rather was, Lily, the Alpaca. She was killed not long after by a snake bite. (Kangaroo.)



15. Yes, can I help you?



16. Oh look, winter colour for a change.



17. I’m too little to introduce Soppy Sunday. My mum’s looking after me.



18. I’d love hedgehogs in my garden, but it’s too small to sustain them, unfortunately.



19. Cottage on Jura.



20. Well, that’s it for another week. Back to politics tomorrow for you lot. Back to playing for me!

I’d like to thank Kangaroo for sending me pics for this week’s Soppy Sunday. (There’s another one to come.)

I apologise for the spacing. Absolutely no idea how it gets like that. It looks ok in the draft, but when it goes out, it goes all to hell.




17 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. caption for no 1 – “they elected WHO to President!”

    Totally adored no 13 with the cherry blossom. Like you Tris I’m partial to Autumn.
    next time

    Next time BBC QT comes to Scotland perhaps they could invite no 1,17 or 20 as their orange representatives. Probably make more sense too 🙂 Not that I watched it but it was all over twitter…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Brilliant idea…

      The colours in autumn are so spectacular. Of course we all know what they herald, but while they are there, they are still marvellous.

      Oh dear QT… I’m not sure I’ve ever watched it. Like you I get all the info I need from Twitter.

      I might watch it if they had some Orangs on.


  2. Super photos again. I was interested in the Jura cottage. When I was a plooky youth we used to take fish we caught to an old lady who lived in the last house of that kind on the island. The walls were around 2 or 3 thick, there was no chimney just a hole in the roof and the place was full of peat-smoke but after a while you hardly noticed it. However, the old lady seemed to thrive on it and must have been well into her eighties at the time. The cottage, which is long-gone, dated from the 19th century and it is strange to think that people were living in such hovels whilst beautiful buildings were being constructed elsewhere. I wonder if those who lived in these magnificent mansions and palaces were as happy and contented as my little old lady?

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