Yes, this was recorded in the run up to the 2014 referendum, but for my money, it is still absolutely bang on…although clearly references to David Cameron crying into his cornflakes, instead of being purred at the queen, are someone out-of-date. I’m indebted to Arbroath for bringing it to my attention. 🙂

As well as watching this, I can also recommend that you read this.

All you wanted to know about Brexit, and all you didn’t want to know too. You’ll be a little frightened once you’re done, that we are in such a mess and that this mess is in the hands of the shambles that is May, Johnson, Davis and Fox.

But it’s better to be prepared than not to be.


20 thoughts on “YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS”

  1. I think that come the time, in the near(est) future, when we have our indy ref #2 I hope some bright spark can take what Kieran says in this video and print it out, well most of it anyway. (sadly as Tris says the point about Porky crying into his cornflakes is no longer valid. Wait a sec though couldn’t we just swap Porky for die Fuhrerin May here? )

    I am struggling to find any point made in the video that can be seriously, and intellectually, opposed by anyone. Every point made is simple and gets to the heart of why independence is right for Scotland in the 21st Century.

    That is an excellent resume of what Brexit is all about, or rather NOT all about, by Terry there Tris. What a pity those hard liner Brexiteers will just dismiss it outright.

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    1. Well, thanks for tweeting it last night. I was about to go to sleep and I thought… one last look at Twitter.

      I’m really glad I did.

      Terry’s blog is good at any time, but that post is absolutely superb.

      Now, if he knows all that, why doesn’t Fox? Why doesn’t Davis?


      1. To be honest Tris I think the answer is easy and straight forward.

        Terry is intelligent and forward thinking, Fox and Davis are a pair of ignorant twats!

        SIMPLES! LOL


      2. I’m actually quite stupid. I’m just lucky to have plenty of spare time and a scientific outlook that makes me question everything. This is actually a dreadful combination and leads to insufferable character traits.

        It is worrying that a man on the internet can learn more about the EU in his spare time than its chief opponents. Having said that, I’m still not completely certain that Gove/Fox/Johnson/Davis don’t know all this too. Perhaps they are just playing politics for personal gain and know they are spouting guff. If that is true then they are dangerous demagogues playing with national prosperity and security for person gain. Boris, for example, isn’t a complete idiot. Fox, well, ok he is definitely an idiot. Right now, we need leaders with a forensic eye for detail and a broad vision of the UK’s future. We definitely don’t have that.

        btw the Kieran Hurley video posted here is excellent. Funny and erudite. How on earth did we lose the referendum?

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        1. LOL… Insufferable character traits? Is that why you were banished to Switzerland?

          I’ve given up trying to guess the motivations. I think they really do believe what they say, with the exception of Boris, who is just an (extremely) overgrown public school boy, and who may be doing all this for a lark.

          Glad you liked Mr H. He needs to be prominent in the next campaign.

          I might do a post sometime soon on why did we lose.


  2. Hi Tris; much as Keiran’s speech (thanks for reminding me about it) was, and still remains an inspiration, it (for me anyway) lost a bit of it’s ‘cheer me up’ impact when I read later today that our esteemed leaders in Wastemonster have sanctioned 369 million to fix dear Lillibet’s hoose, Buck Pal. If the sum in itself wasn’t bad enough, and I can think of far better uses for 369 mill’, (like maybe eh not cutting sickness benefit by 30 quid a week), then the crowing and gloating of assorted yoonatics saying its the best possible spend for our tax money makes me despair; bloody beer and circuses – jeez. The UK is going to hell in a handcart but as long as we do it with some braid, medals and ribbons then that’s awright, apparently!


    1. I was incredulous when I heard about the palace too, Gary. Of course I only really saw headlines, and a little while ago I was talking to my mum who says that it’s an update on the hundreds of miles of wiring which is pre-war.

      Of course while Buckingham palace is where the queen lives during the week, it is also the head office of the Dept of Monarchy, and there are loads of ordinary people working there, from secretaries to chefs and gardeners, cleaners and maids.

      I’d dearly love to have the outdated monarchy sent off to Canada or Australia to live out their days at the expense of their taxpayers.

      It makes it a little less irritating to find out that we have to spend that money to keep the staff safe., but if it were up to me, and we had to keep them, I’d have them all in one palace, the whole shooting match (I think we keep about 35 of them) and they could make a kirk or a mill o’ it. If they had to share bathrooms, that would be tough.

      The staff could work in a proper office block like all the other departments of state, and if the royals wanted domestic staff, they could pay for them themselves out of their multi billion fortunes.

      Still Brits seem to be happy to starve and freeze as long as princess Eugenic can have a palace fit for a blood(y) princess and its fascinator.


      1. There is one aspect to this incredulous donation of tax payers money to the super rich and infamous Tris.

        I’m sure I read somewhere that her nibs is one of the richest women in the world, probably worth BILLIONS. Yet despite her Billions it is the tax payer footing this bill which will, in my view (based on all WM government previous projects), over run by many millions.

        Whilst it is the poor staff, and let’s not forget the staff are, on a large part poor, who have to suffer working in that overgrown council house!

        There is one other aspect to this “doing up” of the most expensive council house in the land that a lot of folks seem not to realise and it is that all this upgrading, renewing of wiring etc comes on the back of decades of absolutely no maintanance and upgrading/renewing being carried out.


        1. You are absolutely right Arbroath, and I don;t want anyone to think that I, in any way, condone the spending of money on the Windsors. Because I don’t. If I had my way form now on they would pay for everything themselves and they’d get not a penny piece from government. Furthermore they would give back the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall.

          It’s offensive to see the money that we waste on them while there are people, not a mile for their palaces, living ion cardboard boxes.

          They mismanaged the estates; they haven’t upgraded and they have put their badly paid staff in danger. They are a disgrace.

          I wish they’d just GO.


        1. Well, obviously nothing, but they seem really keen to have a royal family which costs them precisely zero! Time they enjoyed the other side of the royals… paying for them.


  3. I’ve just seen elsewhere Tris, on Twitter actually, that her nibs is worth £58 BILLION apparently. Yet she STILL expects, nae DEMANDS, the tax payer pay for the upgrading of her pad because SHE was too incompetent to ensure it has been properly maintained over the decades!


    1. Wow, that’s a lot of theft, Arbroath. When you think back to all the tears when John Major, to his credit, refused to do up the royal yacht, and how she could so easily have had a new one paid for by her own good self…


  4. Good to see that video again after all this time but it brings the frustration levels up: how on earth did Scotland vote No? Number 18, bang on.

    Thank you very much for the link to Terry’s blog, another one to add to my daily reading list alongside yours.

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    1. I was just saying, Hugh, maybe it would be good to remind ourselves how we lost, so that we don’t do it again!

      Thanks for reading the blog, and I’m sure Terry will be chuffed too!


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