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    1. If you look at what he said at his Scottish Golf course that is exactly what he did.

      This is the text of what he said
      I think it’s going to end up being a great thing,
      and the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful thing is,
      your people have taken the country back
      and there is something very very nice about that.
      and they voted
      and it’s been peaceful
      and it was strong and very contentious
      and in many respects, I watched last night, a little bit ugly
      but it’s been an amazing process to watch.
      Check it out on youtube under john oliver


      1. You’d think with all that wit, and all that money, he could get someone to do his makeup.

        He looks like he bought Istatan from the pound shop and put in on when he was drunk!


    1. America is in the process of either accepting the new geopolitical reality or fighting it and essentially starting WW3.

      For certain Clinton was owned by the faction that prefers the second option.

      I don’t know whether Trump represents the faction that favours the first option and making the best of it – but he might.

      I don’t care about their internal US policies, I don’t care what they said 2o years ago, I don’t give a toss what their social attitudes are, all that matters to me (as a Scot living in the potential front line of a Nuclear Armaggedon) in this internal US struggle, is which faction controls US Foreign Policy.

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      1. Good points. Too early to know what his foreign policy is. He seems to be shifting gear from most of what he said in the campaign. But he’s volatile and changes from day to day. So until he has some people behind him it will be hard to tell.

        Pense seems like a pretty unpleasant character. And I understand he is employing some of this sons as advisers.

        Saddam did that, didn’t he?


  1. What a choice though either
    a) A Narcissistic, mysogynist, bully or
    b) A child trafficking, pedo loving, warmongering, satanist.

    I am pleased they picked option A


    1. Kangaroo – Yes big money calls the shots – the point is that big money may have – I stress may have – decided on a less confrontational approach to the emerging geopolitical reality – and Trump may, repeat may be, the front man for this necessary volte face.

      And as for this continuous shouting of “Fascism!” what’s more “Fascistic” than invading other people’s countries and killing lots of their people – I think you’ll find that Hillary and her owners were the experts at that (okay “experts” might be a bit strong!).


  2. You’d have thought that Clinton would’ve used these quotes, during the campaign.

    You can understand why half the population didn’t vote, I’ve voted on every occasion I could, but I think I would’ve sat that one out.


      1. Thanks Alan. I’m mindful of the fact that the choices Americans had were difficult. Of the two I’d have gone for Hillary, but as I’ve said to Danny (Munguin’s USA correspondent) I didn’t like Clinton either!


    1. I see Alan has pointed out why… I seems reasonable that if she didn’t use them that that is why.

      Like you I’ve always voted. I think if you don’t you have no right to moan about whatever happens as a result of the election.

      But like you, I’d have been lost. There is always a “write in” option in the USA. I’d have probably gone for that but I guess that’s throwing your vote away.


  3. Strewth, I thought I had scrolled to picture 21 on the soppy Sunday there. Isn’t picture 1 a panda?

    He’s just another American blawhard. He’ll no be destroying Scotland anyway, he owns golf courses here. He has a personal stake in keeping them radiation free.

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