What kind of monumental stupidity is this?

This is the full story of the history of the deal (in as much as it was a deal) researched with Stuart’s customary zealous attention to detail and accuracy. And so, today Ruth makes yet another ass of herself.

proxyIn the meantime, The Guardian article here makes interesting reading. I wonder if it’s significant?


28 thoughts on “OH, DO MAKE UP YOUR MIND, WILL YOU?”

  1. Tris

    It is starting to look like Scotland may have been shafted on this one and on renewables by the unionists. If it turns out to be true then I’m sorry but there will come a time when we have to consider walking away with or without a referendum, how much more are the goons and our selves willing to take.


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    1. Looks like we may hae been sacrificed for the north of England, where they are scared stiff of UKIP.

      Hard to see how they could have thought it would work though.

      Are you talking about whats happening up in the Western Isles. I noticed Angus tweeting about how they stabbed Scotland in the back.

      I really do hate being in this union. They don’t like us, but they are afraid they will lose face in the world if we leave.


      1. Tris we are getting shafted left right and centre by pricks like Murdo Fraser with plant questions when they know what is going on. I know you don’t like this type of thing but they are quislings.



    2. The SNP have to start speaking out publicly against the bias of the bbc. They would get great support from most Scots if they did.


      1. I don;t see how anyone can argue that the BBC is biased for the status quo.

        It’s almost written into its DNA to be pro union, pro royal, I’m not sure that’s compatible with providing a good and reliable news service.

        Of course the SNP has to be careful, as did Corbyn’s Labour. It’s very easy to get the reputation of whinger, but yes, where there is blatant bias they should certainly make it clear.

        Maybe another university would care to make an academic study of the subject.


  2. Yes it is monumental stupidity but that’s the least of it. The hellish bit is the level of arrogance that allows them the brass neck to brazen it out in the knowledge that the msm will supply the sound bites to make it look like they are right.

    The stupidity on their part applies because they think we are stupid and they treat us accordingly. They rely on their assumption that most of us don’t watch FMQ or keep up with what’s happening and that we possess the intellectual capacity of a cubic metre of plankton. There will, I hope some day be a reckoning for Ruth and Wullie and wotsername. Can’t they see how transparent and sinister they look? Arsholes!

    I’m almost annoyed.


    1. Oh Dave, don’t get annoyed, whatever you do.

      I woder if they believe a word opf what they say,or if the whole thing is concocted to make the SNP look baaaaad, and therefore an independent Scotland look like a stupid pipe dream of fools.

      How they must hate people like Stuart Campbell.


      1. Right there Tris. I use material from Wings ATL and BTL to write to the local papers debunking the Unionist myths peddled there.
        Currently working on the myth ” she should get on with the day job rather than concentrating on constitutional issues”

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  3. Aye, the Scottish government gets haranged by the opposition, for trying to win trade for Scotland.
    Then the same oppositions head office deals with the same country, and the Saudis et al.
    As Bruce put it, arseholes.


  4. I read a post yesterday Tris over on Wings that went something like this.

    The behaviour of the Unionist MSP’s is akin to a burglar breaking into your house, ransacking it then complaining because your house is in a terrible mess.

    I think this just about sums up the load of two faced greed driven hypocrites who allegedly represent their constituents. We of course all know different. THEY represent no one but themselves.

    On a slightly tangential moment I do really hope BBC invite the leetle tankette commander onto their next series of Strictly. I say this because after watching the Last Leg on Wednesday night I found out that Ed Balls spends eight hours a day practicing his routines for the Saturday night show. This means oor wee Buffalo rider would need to do the same which as a consequence means she could not carry on with her “day job.” As she “won” the constituency vote in May there would I believe have to be a by-election and the SNP would have another chance to win the seat. Now as there 128 M.S.P’s in the chamber and the SNP won her seat that would put the SNP on 64 seats. For me this is quite an important figure because as was proven recently (the missed pressing the button moment) when the votes are tied in the chamber the P.O. has to vote and by procedural rules he must vote WITH the government of the day.


    1. Judging by her behaviour recently it seems she is more suited to “light entertainment” than serious politics. We’d kinda like an opposition that was rooting FOR Scotland instead of simply being AGAINST the government.

      The analogy on Wings is appropriate! Excellent.


  5. I have been thinking a lot, it bloody hurts so it does.

    Your Guardian link really says it all.

    It is completely acceptable for Saint Theresa to cozy up to the Chinese. It is completely unacceptable for Nicola to sign a memorandum of understanding.

    I do not understand.

    Both the UK and Scottish governments want trade deals with China. One deal is snow white whilst the other is the spawn of Satan.

    This does not compute. My brain hurts.

    Meanwhile, the intellectual genius that is Kevin McKenzie, has decided to rebuild Hadrian’s Wall. With added razor wire. Presumeably to keep the unruly natives out of his beloved England.

    Surprisingly, at least to me, Hadrian’s wall kind of bisects Newcastle.

    Assuming this statesman has his way, Theresa May is arguing with the Chinese, not only to increase the Northern lands at the expense of the South, but also advocating Chinese investment in this new Northern powerhouse. at the expense of her own wee Shire. What a woman!

    What I thought was a down-side for Newcastle – Hadrian’s Wall more or less bisects Newcastle – could end up as a theme park.


    “Newcastle may be a tad unhappy to have a new wall running through it, but a broad brush intellect such as MacKenzie will have no problem with that.

    Newcastle could market itself as the ‘New Berlin’.

    “Remember the cold war? See the theme park reconstruction!”

    I am completely astounded at what an erudite political commentator and visionary Kevin McKenzie has become.

    [Ahem – the bit about theme parks? Said it on the Herald already.]

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  6. The woman works to undermine her own country, with the conivance of bus conductors and the press.
    A word beginning with Q describes them to a T.
    How can the No voters not see what is happening?


    1. I’m not sure, but then what do you make of people who believe that Scotland isn’t capable of running its own affairs when Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, etc are more than capable of doing it?

      If they can’t see that, and at the same time they believe that the Uk is one fo the great powers of the world, what on earth must they think of the Scots…as part of the UK, in the top two countries, alone, total failures, fighting over the last can of baked beans (as The Noble Baron Darling once said).


  7. I’ve just posted this on Wings Tris but thought you might enjoy it as well.

    I really need help with this one. I just can not get my wee head round this news. Has someone at Lib Dem Branch office (phone box at East end of Princes Street in Edinburgh) had a nightmare, read the writing on the wall or have they really seen the light? 😀



    1. Well, I think it’s great news.

      I know there’s not a lot of them and clearly, Willie Rennie has been told to vote against it, but it will be interesting to see if Liberal democrat members want to change tack.

      If they are a democratic organisation, presumably, Willie Rennie or no Willie Rennie, it will become part of their policy.

      So, I look forward to thier votes, and hope that we will be welcoming then to the light side.


      1. There is one thing that springs to mind though Tris. Apparently their five M.S.P.’s will like the ostriches they all are vote against the proposal. However if the proposal still passes this does not mean it will be accepted. I seem to recall a similar vote at a previous LD get together in a phone box in Edinburgh where the membership voted for something (forgotten what exactly) but Rennie made the “corporate” decision that they were wrong and he was right! I fear something similar might happen here just so Rennie can keep his Tory mistress the leetle tankette commander happy.

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        1. Well, presumably when you are so intellectually superior as Willie, you can afford to assume that you are right and the rest of the organisation is wrong… otherwise whey would YOU be “the leader” and the rest of them be “the led”.

          An alternative proposition is that… you are the leader becasue there was no one else available, and that in any case, the boss in big ol’ London town sent you a memo about it. So there!


  8. Can I take this interesting Liberal Democrat position away off base for a moment?

    What if, just if, the next SNP Westminster manifesto said;

    “vote SNP in this election, and you will be free.”

    There would be no democratic deficit, and if we won a majority of MP’s, well….

    Weren’t we told by Thatcher, that that would be all it would take?

    Perhaps we should go for it?


    1. That was what Thatcher said. But although she was a god to somne, she really was just another ratehr silly politician.

      Like everything else to do with the constitution, they make it up as they go along.

      I imagine that if it had come to that at the time, no one would have dared question her. Certainly none of her wimpy cabinet (possibly exception of Ken and Michael).

      But now… I don;t think they’d stand for it. It would be argued in courts uphill and down dale, and international organisations would snub Scotland… I’m guessing …

      I dunno what other people think….


  9. I think we would stand up for it trispw, I think you would too.

    It might be our ‘get out of jail! Free! card..

    Just saying.


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