I wonder which bank Wee Barking Mad Johnnie’s with.

I’ll have to avoid it.



    1. If there is one positive thing to take away from Trump becoming President elect last night/this morning it has to be this:

      If you are in an election and the whole media machine, MSM and TV channels, is against you but they can not shut up about you, then you are getting loads of FREE advertising and you will probably win the election/referendum, at least in America.

      In so far as Trump is concerned I think that he did try to be conciliatory in his speech last night, well conciliatory in as far as he could be being Trump that is. At least he did actually go and speak to his supporters last night/this morning unlike his opposite number who just sent along her campaign manager to say a few useless words.

      Another thing about last night’s result that shocked the media was how wrong the polling was, now where on earth have we heard THAT complaint before.

      We now have four years of President Trump, starting on January 20th (I think) to see just how much of his “promises he can deliver on. What may make things slightly easier for him is the fact that as well as winning the Presidential election the Republican party now also control both the upper and lower houses of Congress as well. Apparently this has not happened for over 10 years. Things are going to get interesting I think.

      In fairness to Trump (did I really just say that? think I need to go for a lie down in a Darkened room) he did say he would work with world leaders who were prepared to work with him and (apart from his piece about working with Putin and NATO to drive out ISIS/ISIL/DAESH) he definitely sounded LESS hawkish and warlike than Clinton has ever sounded.


      1. My biggest worry about Trump is how he will put the rednecks and their racism, sexism etc, back in a box.

        They were handy when they were chanting Jail Her, Jail Her… when he doesn’t, as he assuredly won’t, what will the mob do?

        What will they do when he doesn’t build a wall, doesn’t stop Muslim immigration, etc,etc. What will the people who he raised to frenzy?

        And bringing back jobs? How will he do that? What will stuff cost when it’s manufactured in the States instead of in China? Will the poor who he championed be able to afford to buy anything?


      2. Trump is less hawkish then Clinton. He’s made quite a few statements to that effect. It’s difficult with the “The Donald” because he often contradicts his last speech in his next. Nevertheless, he seems to be less hawkish to me. In this way, he is similar to Reagan. He apparently had a very sunny outlook on life at the start of his first term and thought that the Soviets must be good people at heart. Military advisors then made a concerted effort to change his mind. All sorts of flimsy and paranoid evidence was served up to poor old Ronnie. Reagan then invested billions in the star wars scheme etc etc etc. Will the same happen to Trump?

        I wonder what it all means for Brexit. On the one hand, he wants to kill NAFTA and the Trans Pacific deal proposed as a wider replacement. I’m speculating but I would imagine that TTIP will not happen now. In the name of US job protection, he also hinted at a trade war with China. I can only guess at huge trade tariffs. On the other, he keeps saying that the UK is top of the list for a trade deal. These are irreconcilable viewpoints. It all reminds me of Brexit – something promised for everyone even when they turn out to be mutually exclusive policies.


        1. Yes. He’s going to bring all the jobs home, so that a t shirt in America will cost 6 times as much as it did when it was being made in Vietnam. I wonder if Trump Clothing will close its factories in China and Nicaragua , or wherever…

          And he’s gonna not do trade except with Britain, which he seemed to think he could organise within a short time of putting his foot over the door. Ho hum…

          He’s a bit like brexit…a totally unknown quantity, but he is a thoroughly repulsive man, with his sexism and racism.

          As my mum says, he’ll soon find out he won’t be able to do almost anything he’s promised. Wiser heads are likely to prevail.

          There was a suggestion that he doesn’t actually want the job… just the challenge of having got it. His VP will be the one working. Donald will go around shaking hands with people.

          He kinda reminds me of David Cameron in that respect. I’m sure he wanted to be PM because it was the kind of thing that people like him did, and waving at people from limos seemed like a spiffing way to pass the day.

          Alex Salmond pointed out some of the irreconcilable viewpoints and policies in an interview for Sky.

          He also pointed out that when he’s getting his way Donald is a nice man (not my cup of coffee, but) BUT, when he doesn’t get his way he can blow up and be extremely silly, nasty and vindictive. And Eck should know.

          So let’s hope Obama changes the numbers around on the nuclear codes and he can’t get them to go off.


      1. It was noticeable last night that he never mentioned his “famous” wall Tris.

        I think in terms of jobs he might just have a plan, of sorts. In his speech, yes THAT speech … AGAIN!, he spoke about how poor the infrastructure was all across America. This was backed up by Ed Shultz and the team on RT last night. So if he goes ahead with his idea of vastly improving the infrastructure then he will probably have delivered on the jobs front.

        I admit that how he deals with the Rednecks and their racism/xenophobia/homophobia worries me Tris. Again though I think there are enough conservative Republicans in both houses of Congress to get some control over that. We have to remember that there were a great many Republican politicians, past and present, who refused to back Trump. This means that while the Republican control both houses of Congress the Republican President Trump doesn’t. This will make for some very interesting times I think. He will have to tread very cautiously, at least in the first couple of years at least in order to get things done. This is why I think he will deliver on his infrastructure ideas even if the individual states might not agree.

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        1. Completely agree. Actually, in America the president isn’t that powerful.

          Barack has already done a lot of infrastructure renewal. But it’s a great idea. It creates manual work; it pays wages; wages are spent in businesses. It’s how to get things going. It’s why America is doing so much better than Britain after the crash.

          But it’s not enough. Rather like what happened here, or rather in England, with 45% increase in race crime over three months, he is going to have an angry mob to deal with.

          We live in interesting times.


    2. jutey

      Mr McTernan

      Infinite monkey theorem

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Given an infinite length of time, a chimpanzee punching at random on a typewriter would almost surely type out all of Shakespeare’s plays.

      The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.

      One could also say for the snp Infinite referendums

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    1. I agree Tris infrastructure upgrading/renewal will not solve all America’s problems but as you say it gets folks into work, folks working pay taxes taxes pay for a load of stuff.

      I think the racism/xenophobia/homophobia problem really is a major issue for Trump but perhaps he can find a way through that particular minefield.

      Another major problem he has to deal with concerns the inner cities which are I believe mostly black/latino areas. Whilst most of these groups did not vote for Trump beginning to try and resolve these problems could I think go a long way to proving his ideas to get America working again. This is a major problem for him but if he can crack this extremely tough nut then I believe he could do quite well with the blacks and latino’s further down the line.

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      1. He defiantly has to get work in the Rust belt, and if he can do that and get money circulating there, then he will have done a good job, and Britain can learn from him.

        Maybe he can get this to trickle down, although I have reservations.

        Well, we are stuck with him and we have to hope for the best.


  1. I hear the leader of Kazakhstan isn’t thinking about hiring Winner McTernan to his next election team. Pity, because Winner could have applied his Midas Touch to campaigns in four continents. And you can take that to the bank.


  2. I had a feeling he’d win – damn the Democrats for picking the one person in the world NOT guaranteed to beat Trump. But it is what it is. Seen on twitter a row of year books with dates on them – in between 2015 and 2017 “we don’t talk about that one”

    Another tweet had a picture of Trump on the left and Obama on the right with the subscript “Orange is the new Black”- made me laugh. Not that I’ve ever seen the show.

    At least if Scotland becomes independent T May can ask about a group deal on walls with Trump…

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    1. Yes, that’s true. I wonder if Saunders would have done any better. Probably not.

      I think the important thing to do is to listen to why these people voted for this clown. And why people in places like the North of England voted to leave the EU. Unless we know, and solve their problems they won’t go away.


  3. Speculating on the relationship between Trump and the Congress and Senate, it is clear that there are a good few Republicans who are first and foremost all about getting the debt down and in comparison with Hillary Clinton Trump has the looser path to a budget surplus. So in terms of his infrastructure proposals Trump will run up against the conservatives. They may of course give in to him on the basis of keeping the party together, but the facts are that there are really three Republican types – Tea Party, Washington Old Guard/Liberals and Corporates subject to lobbyists.
    The reality is that Trump is not a Republican and some way along the way he will cross swords with his Party when he doesn’t deliver on any one of his promises from the Wall to Nafta to home-based manufacture, re-booting the military and international relations or abortion law.

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    1. Exactly Bill. He’s promised a lot. OK, every politician does that, then breaks their promises (Mrs May promised to care about the little man, but we see no sign of it in her legislation, which has condemned thousands more kids to poverty).

      One of the audiences from Trumps messages was the dispossessed rust belt resident. If the wall doesn’t go up; if jobs aren’t repatriated; if Muslims aren’t banned from the land of the free, what will they do?

      And he can’t count on the Republicans. Goodness, the Republicans can’t count on republicans.


  4. Tris

    McTernan is a plank, who cares what he thinks anymore, he is a busted flush and it’s only the yoons keeping this man in work.

    I agree with you, I am not so sure Bernie Sanders would have a won but he was a better choice than Hilary Clinton who for me was as bad, if not worse, than Donald Trump. I have blogged about Nicola Sturgeon endorcing Hilary Clinton on the SNP website, her first real mistake in my opinion and one she cannot afford to make again. She should not have commented on the election or used the SNP platform to do it.

    I thought Trump would win, as I have said before, when the choice is right v right and the voters are pissed off you get far right, as we have seen with Brexit and the Tories getting a majority. The people are fighting back, it doesn make sense and it does make sense, they have said a big f you to the establishment by electing their worst nightmare and voting for Brexit, get it up ya big time.

    Interesting times.



    1. I agree about Nicola not getting involved. I think her statement this morning was fine, but she shouldn’t have endorsed Hillary. Nor of course, should have Kezia.


  5. Brexit, then the Trumpocalypse … what is up next in our swirling descent into the maelstrom?

    President Le Pen perhaps?
    What about a Russian invasion of the baltic states?
    A fascist winning the Austrian Presidency?
    How about the total collapse of the EU?
    A fully rearmed Japan perhaps?
    Or a China-Taiwan conflict?

    Place your bets chaps, the world is going to hell. Time to stock up on the bourbon and whisky.

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  6. For now,as far as Trump is concerned,Russia good Putin nice guy.
    We better hope that he doesn’t decide to build a golf course in Russia because when it goes tee up,he won’t just use lawyers to get his way.

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