david-lammyDavid Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham, has said that he will vote against Article 50 in the forthcoming debate in the UK parliament.

He gives the following reason:

“75% of my constituents voted to Remain. We have a parliamentary system and this is a parliamentary vote. Shouldn’t I represent my constituents? My constituents voted overwhelmingly to Remain, so I will represent my constituents in Parliament, not someone else’s constituents.”

Makes sense to me. i hope that all MPs decide to represent their constituents.


Suzanne Evans, Ukip wants democratic control of judges.

If you listen to political programming then you’re going to hear a lot of stuff you consider to be stupid. Let’s be honest, many politicians (from all parties) talk rubbish.  But this takes the biscuit. Not only is she stupid, but she is dangerously stupid. Controls on the judges, other than those imposed by the law? I think not.

The legal system is far from perfect, in Scotland or in England, but the last thing we need is politicians interfering with it. Just where would it end?

Judges are controlled by the law. The law is controlled by parliaments. Parliaments are democratically elected (under whichever system the people accept).  That’s close enough for me.


Eight military bases in Scotland are to close according to the UK defence secretary (or maybe his press person, because he appears to be auditioning for a part in “The Thick of It”). Remembering that we were told scornfully that the Scottish military would be tiny partly because we’d be too small and too poor to actually have much of a military, and partly because no one would want to serve in it because it would never go to war. Make of that what you will.

. “if Scotland had voted for independence it wouldn’t have had a military footprint at all”

(Apparently, as you can see, Mundell is still selling us the line that an independent Scotland wouldn’t have a military footprint. If that means not going around the world causing strife, death, famine, destruction and general misery, then I’m all for it.  Jeez, can’t these people see that there is more to a country than being a big military power and having bloody clout?)

Anyway, I digress. I’m also reminded here of the tax offices that would move to England were we to be independent (and did anyway but this time NOT being replaced with Scottish tax offices).

And there’s an expert talking…

I was wondering, given Jackie Baille’s love of quoting exaggerated figures on Faslane, if she’d like to give us her estimate of the number of jobs that will be lost to the Scottish economy because the UK seems to believe that the only military capacity it needs is American-controlled Trident submarines?

It’s all about taking back control, huh?


12 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

    1. LOL…She does too, and how. Didn’t she once manage to criticise the SNP heath secretary for something that had happened when SHE was health secretary? She’s got more front than Rothsay, that one!


  1. oh dear God -it’s a rare day that any article appears where the worst picture isn’t the one with Jackie Baillie in it. Isn’t Evans standing for UKIP leadership? I’m away to look at Soppy Sunday again – it’s either that or clean my eyes with bleach…

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    1. LOL. Munguin says his sides are aching laughing at that one. She is indeed standing for the leadership. She seems to be suitably nutty… not to mention lacking in taste!

      Still, if you’re bothered with mice, I am sure that leaving her pic around will see them go bother your next door neighbour.

      My mice (being rather pushy animals and having a cushy billet here), simply signed a petition to have her removed from their sight!


  2. Suzanne Evans Eh! Setting herself up to be a worthy successor to Nigel. That’s if he’s actually left of course?

    Before UKIP didn’t the Tories keep these people in a cupboard somewhere, only to be let out when there was a vote to bomb someone.

    She’s a disgrace.

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  3. Tris

    The list of broken promises gets longer by the day, Wings will have to update and extend the Wee Black Book but is anyone really surprised.

    I’m not and many of the yoons don’t care, they will try and blame the SNP and will talk about the ships that are going to be built on the Clyde, the contract that has no detail, no start date and not signed but no doubt Jackie full of shit Baillie will say protects the 2 million jobs in Dumbarton or is it 2 trillion.

    Brexit will happen, MPs will vote on the wishes of their constituents for once, Brexit will be handled badly, things will get a hell of a lot worse and we will then have to get the f out of the UK if just a small percentage of no’s vote yes, although I am yet to be convinced of that, too many yoons suffer from jockholme syndrome and will for their whole lives.

    Once the cuts really set in, as poverty grows,as homelessness grows, as foodbank use rises, as many more public sector workers lose their jobs it’s a fair bet that Dugdale, Rennie and Davidson will blame the SNP, helped by the media and believed by the ultra yoons who will then blame the cybernats for telling the truth. What a messed up and insane country we live in.

    Off topic but while I am not that bothered about who wins the election tonight in the USA there is a part of me that hopes it’s Trump. I’ll never forget Clintons or Obamas intervention in the Scottish debate so f them. I hope they get what they sow. Given that Brexit will happen I actually think the best chance of a deal with the USA is Trump who I assume doen’t like the EU all that much but saying that doesn’tlike Scotland all that much either lol.



    1. I’m not keen on either of them Bruce, but I’m for Hillary, mainly becasue the alternative is frightening. Clinton is more of the same. Trump would be different, but different in a bad way I reckon. As in nuclear wear different.

      I reckon the Uk is heading to the far right, and yes, Dugdale and Rennie and Ruthie will blame the SNP for everything.

      I was fascinated to see Kez calling for the Scottish government to hold an inquiry into the mistreatment of Scottish miners (in light of the Tory refusal to investigate Orgreave). I agree with that of course. What I found amazing was that apparently her colleague Neil Findlay has been figting the SNP for years over this. I wonder why Labour, in government in Scotland 1999-2007 and in the UK 1997-2010, did sod all about it. Who was Neil Findlay fighting, and losing, then?

      They are so cheap and nasty and third rate. And a mentally unstable mongoose could see through them.


        1. She conceded. It’s Trump now. So: Will he build a wall? Will he band Muslims (against the essence of the constitution)? Will he put her in prison? Will he cancel all outsourcing (including his own)? Will he stop funding NATO? And all the other cock eyed promises he made…

          He does have to realise that when you promise a mob of rednecks that you will do this stuff, and you don’t, for whatever reason, you have to keep it up… or they turn on you.


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