Unless I’m very much mistaken, the job of the Supreme Court, the High Court, or indeed any other court in England and Wales, or indeed Scotland or Northern Ireland, is to interpret the law and rule on it as it affects any case brought before them.

It doesn’t matter how many people a terrorist, murderer, thief or rapist can muster to protest, if (s)he is guilty in law as it is written in that jurisdiction, then the court has to find him/her guilty. Likewise, if the law says that this kind of treaty requires parliamentary scrutiny, then no matter how many people disagree, the court has no alternative but to rule that way.

If we can sway judgements based on the number of people we can persuade to march on the courtroom, then we might as well chuck all the law in the bin and leave it to mobs.

Leave campaigners wanted to bring everything back to Britain; for British courts to decide the law; not those in Luxembourg or Strasbourg where foreigners might be involved in the judgements. Fair enough. But it appears they only wanted British judges to rule when they agreed with them!

It’s maybe a good idea to remind Mr Farage at this point (Munguin has no doubt that he is an avid reader), that there are very obvious dangers in getting together a group of that size and hoping that no trouble will break out and that no undesirables join in. I have no doubt that he intends the protest to be peaceful. But that’s not always how these things work out.  Especially if the court’s judgement goes against their wishes.

I hope he knows what he’s doing.



  1. Tris

    Bring it on I say, England has gone mad in many ways and it’s getting worse.While I would not want to see any trouble of course, let them march in their thousands, the more voters in Scotland see the direction the UK is heading in the better I hope it will be for the YES side. We cannot follow England as I have said before, no matter my reservations on the EU, England is going down a path that is madness.


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    1. I agree. Utter madness. You actually couldn’t make it up. As Jim says. They get exactly what they have been moaning about. And they moan.

      With the BNP adn England First etc joining in the march I predict trouble.

      Then who’ll get the blame? The great British police?


  2. Bruce,
    I’m still feeling like it’s panning out much like I expected in our previous discussions, and I’m fearful that Scotland is going to be overwhelmed and supresse day this whole proto fascist mess. Do either you or Tris have any idea what we should actually be doing about it? After intimidation of the Supreme Court, it will be calls for the abolition of the Scottish government for daring to represent two thirds of their electorate. The Leave vote was a disaster, and surely you agree with that by now.

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    1. Hi East Neuker…I think Nicola is doing a good job of representing us. She has gone with majorities in referenda. The Scottish people wanted to stay in the UK by 55 to 45; they wanted to stay in the EU by 62 to 38.

      In a legal and democratic way she is representing the wishes of the people she is elected to serve.

      Maybe they can have both; if so she is exploring it, and making proposals. If not maybe people in Scotland should choose which is the union they prefer.

      The leave vote might not have been such a mess if the UK had been a little prepared, which they weren’t because of the arrogance of David Cameron who forbade any planning, and the crashing incompetence of the May and her Brexit team.

      What a bunch of complete muppets. No, sorry, that’s an inexcusable insult to muppets.


  3. Oh please. Let them march. Once they have finished marching on the Supreme Court let them carry on marching all the way to Scotland just to show those pesky uppity Scots who really rules Britannia. LOL


      1. My Claymore, Targe and Dirk have been cleaned (blood removed from previous encounters LOL) and they are now in the process of being resharpened, where necessary. You have no idea how constant slashing, cutting, stabbing and thrusting with a Claymore and Dirk can blunt them! LOL

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      2. We do actually have a Supreme Court. It’s the same one as Wenglanders except Scottish judges sit when considering appeals from the Court of Session.

        What may be interesting with the A50 appeal is that apparently they are going to have all the judges sitting. Don’t know how that will work as the case is a Wenglander one not a Scottish case. Need help from a legal eagle here.

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  4. the Brexiteers didnt vote for parliamentary Democracy they voted for
    a right wing Junta, rule by dictat and extrajudical murders by enforced
    austerity…and many people like it??? on a day when social the security cap
    was lowered to £23000 no matter size of family or where they live.
    And who in politics actually make noise over this just show a tin ear ..
    I dont fear the future is bad I KNOW IT IS GOING TO BE .

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    1. Aye, after Mrs May promising to look after the little man. How we laughed. The we didn’t, because with rents going out of control, not only in London, but Edinburgh too, some people will go hungry thanks to their miserable policy.

      But then, they’ve never been hungry in their lives. Just sometimes couldn’t get really top class Camembert.


      1. I felt a tad ‘dirty’ describing Theresa May as a fascist.

        Yet her desire to circumvent Parliament has that ‘rule of mob’ sentiment about it, had it not?

        The Conservative Party are playing with fire here.

        ‘Tis a long watch, but Nicola Sturgeon seems to me to encapsulate what we ought to be about here:

        The video link is about half way down the page.

        It is probably not news to most of you, but, imho, she is the best politician that Britain has ever had.

        She leads from the front.

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        1. Totally agree. Politics apart, she fights her corner in a decent and logical way. She knows her brief and she is 100% behind Scotland. She puts the other party leaders to shame.


        2. Excellent video by the looks Douglas. I can’t watch it all just now, but I’ve watched the prof give the opening speech and it sounds brilliant. Will watch later.


    2. nikostratos,

      I agree. What we do about it is a whole different question. Frankly, your fear of the future is because you are tied to a United Kingdom. Breaking that link may give us some potential to go another way.

      Can you see that and act upon it?

      I doubt it, very, very much.

      Far better to stay within a lunatic asylum than walk free….

      appears to be your default position.

      That, it seems to me is what you have been spouting here for yonks.

      Try to break out of that.

      You’ll thank me later………

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  5. i read that the european commision are considering a motion to give britons the option of applying for assosiate membership citizen rights which would allow freedom to work and move within europe if this happens would may allow it?

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    1. I dunno Billy. I read about it too (in the Independent). I’d certainly take up the option. If the EU agreed to it, I guess every country would have to. I doubt if it will be agreed though.

      The problem is that we are EU citizens. It’s not like being a member of NATO. I’m not sure how they can strip me of my citizenship. But at the same time I’m not sure how it could be managed. There might be a cost to it.


      1. I doubt it would work, but I’m intrigued how my citizenship can be removed from me when I have committed no crime, and against my will. I want to remain European. Many people don’t and I respect that.


    1. Well he says it’s a peaceful march… presumably to persuade them that English law says the queen can sign Article 50. I’m sure Farage’s intentions are peaceful, but the BNP and England first may have different ideas.


      1. I don’t know about that Tris. Farage is a git but he’s not a stupid git and I can’t believe he hasn’t anticipated trouble. In my newly politically aware and very humble opinion he is playing some long game. Whether his ambitions pan out really depends on the stupidity and gullibility of those who support him now and in the future.

        As my granny was fond of saying “Put a beggar on a horse and he’ll ride it straight to Hell.”


        1. LOL Dave. Your granny sounds like mine.

          Well, heaven knows what his plan is. Maybe of course there will be no trouble, but i’d put my money on yer granny’s horse rather than bet on it.

          It will be interesting though, huh?


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