There seems to be some doubt that we were promised, prior to the Scottish Independence Referendum, that 13 Frigates would be built on the Clyde.

Here is one of the leaflets from the time… From Scottish Labour.


  1. That leaflet, still reads like a load of lies; because that’s what it was.

    I wonder if Davidson has started bayoneting the wounded, twat.

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  2. The best of it is, from what I can make out, the COWARD of the Country has STILL not signed off on the contract … YET! All we got from the COWARD last week was a bunch of bull about god knows what interceded by his Girl Friday to protect him from anything like a direct question from Bernard Ponsonby.

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    1. What a complete prat she made him look. Cabinet minister had to be protected from Mr P by some obnoxious stony faced PA. Some how like the public didn’t have a right to know what they were doing. It’s not like we pay them or anything.

      Anyway, Ruth got all upset about it when Nicola mentioned it. Surely, she gret, we didn’t want them to place the order when the design wasn’t finished.

      I have grave doubts they’ll place the order at all. I see they are closing bases all over the UK. It looks like our forth largest military spend is all going to be on nukes we can’t use.


      1. At the current rate of military base closures I’m not sure they will need these new frigates. After all with eight bases being closed in Scotland, we don’t exactly have a preponderance of bases to begin with, there will be nothing left worth defending … except food banks of course. Still that’s why we are getting this new fangled Trident thingy isn’t it?


  3. What do we know?

    We know that the SNP are piling uncertainties galore on our Scottish economy.

    Tax increases on businesses, families, individuals.

    On top of their plans for hikes in council tax, corporation rates and income taxes they’re pledging to fight for yet another indyref (presumably brexit isn’t creating enough uncertainty for FDI investors?)

    The only risk for Scottish jobs, shipyards or otherwise, is continued SNP misrule.

    We need Ruth to sort this mess out.


      1. Not a lot, Bob.

        Seriously, I don;t think I’d let Ruth sort out the mess in my kitchen cupboards, never mind the mess Brexit has got us into.

        The last I heard the SNP had no plans to raise income tax; they were only going to raise council tax on the better off, after having given everyone a brake on it for 9 years.

        I imagine Ruth would just sell everything off and let Richard Branson run it for profit.


    1. Fortunately, Dean, no one in the UK government has done anything to make the economy uncertain; devalue the pound; scare investors, so that’s OK, huh?


  4. “Well, nothing is signed. So we may not get them. But, well, add it to the list of lies we were told.”

    But … but … but … Tris … I’m running oot o paper to keep making MORE additions to the extensive list of broken promises and Vows!

    “We need Ruth to sort this mess out.”


    Wee Roothie is far too busy searching oot her next photo op to be bothered with doing anything so mundane as sorting out any mess her bosses in London have created.

    Never mind though Tris wee Roothie and her cohorts (wee Kezzy ,Willie and BBC/SKY/MSM) have ensured that Scotland does NOT benefit from the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding sign with the Chinese. Still after they have stopped THEIR whining about the Scottish Government “must explain” why this MoU failed THEY will keep telling us non stop (except when they keep going on and on and on about independence) that is in Scotland’s best interest that this MoU was ripped up!

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    1. Aye Arbroath. Remember all those tax jobs and passport jobs that would disappear if we left? Remember all the Military bases that would close? Remember that EU we were told we couldn’t do with out, but would have to if we left the UK?

      Really ironic that they seem to have caused the failure of the understanding we had with the Chinese, and they blame us.

      Of course, Hinkley Point is a different matter…


  5. As usual,just another deflection story from London to try and cover up the huge number of jobs in Scotland we will lose if we are taken out of the EU.
    In any case,when Putin decides to nuke Coulport,there will be no Clyde shipyards left nor anyone to build them.
    We really are not getting our priorities right here,or rather Westminster isn’t getting OUR priorities right.

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    1. Mrs May’s first priority is to keep UKIP from gaining ground on the Tories.

      Id say that even in a concentional war the Clyde would be the place to bomb, to disable the bulk of America’s British nukes.

      I hope they are building shelters there.


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