…The way they distract the plebs is to warn them that “foreigners be abroad”… or rather that they DON’T BE ABROAD but rather, knocking on the door of GREAT Britain. (Quick chorus of Jerusalem or Rule Britannia! Stand up straight, wear a decent £2000 suit and sing God Save the Queen.)

Just when you thought Brexit had got rid of all these foreigners… MI5 has found them lurking in cyberspace and Phil the Floater is just the man to get rid of them with his trusty pumpkin.

So, given that the economy is tanking and Phil, the party boy Hammond (yawn) is looking for what he calls some “headroom” in paying down the deficit (he’s not even attempting the debt) and Mrs May is going back on promises to look after the little man and woman…reducing benefits,  that worker representation on boards is facing stiff opposition from the big bosses (ie those who fund the Tory party), and she’s considering dropping pensioners’ triple lock... here  comes the scaremongering.

Mr Putin is beating Tessy to her snoopers’ charter, and there’s a sound  chance that the Kremlin will have read yer emails before Tessy has. He has cyber spies everywhere. Even the shopping list you emailed yourself is out there somewhere being scrutinised. (Why is Munguin buying knicker elastic?)

Is he? Yeah, well I’d like to know that too!

Let’s call him Max from now on… (Max Headroom? )




  1. It is long past time that people realised that the Tories are a complete bunch of incompetents when it comes to running a country’s affairs.
    Their short term narrow minded views are probably OK for running a grocer’s shop but not something as complex as a national economy.
    I also include New Labour aka the New Tories in this category.
    They could all learn much from a Scottish government who has made a resonable fist of things within the constraints of a fixed budget and macro economic policy dictated from London.
    Time to get shot of them (England’s Tories) for good (our good that is).

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  2. I’m curious.

    Will oor wee Phil be asking his mates, the aliens ( I think we all remember them don’t we? ), to help him oot with his financials when it comes time to do his Autumn, sorry WINTER, statement?

    Perhaps this is why he want flexible rules for his Autumn, sorry Winter statement.

    So the BIG question of the day is about what die Fuhrerin May and her cronies are trying to hide rather than worry about the Russians coming in my view. What nasty piece of nonsense will be dropped out into the public domain today that no one will see because we are all running for deep cover due to the imminent “attack” by the Russians!

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    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if the life and soul of the party, Mr Hammond, was close friends with aliens. They might find him amusing.

      You should know that it is never winter in Downing Street. They have a micro climate all to themselves. Self importance generates its own sort of heat.

      I doubt there will be a specific announcement today. It’s just that the whole mess post Brexit gets ever more complex. I think they thought that they could do a deal with Nissan and no one else would want some some of the action.

      That money that they promised the heath service is already spent on Nissan, and they have Ford to deal with next.

      There are social security changes coming in. I read that the triple lock for pensioners is under review, as it can’t be afforded, unlike Trident which can. (Remember that if mrs Thatcher hadn’t changed the pensions system all our pensioners would have been on well over £200 a week by now, like those in Jersey, Guernsey, Sark.)

      If he doesn’t hurry up with that statement it’s going to be a Spring budget.

      Still, give him a chance. He’s only just started the job and it took him a month to find out where the toilets were.

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      1. Aye well with all the hot air that comes out of Number 10 these days I’m surprised they don’t call it the perpetual Summer Budget! LOL

        I think it is hilarious that they effectively tell Nissan all their wee secrets about dealing with the E.U. over Brexit but the people of this “Great” isle are told NOTHING nor are their representatives in Westminster. It almost feels like she doesn’t trust us … can’t think why myself!

        It isn’t just the pensioners who are under threat from Die Fuhrerin and her cronies the sick and disabled are also under threat. In my view no matter how you read the stories about the “review” of benefit payments to the sick and disabled I only ever see one thing coming down the line … MORE CUTS!

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  3. Umm ! Every Goverment needs an enemy to protect/ imprison
    Their citizens from and keep them safe . And if Great Britain
    Is to recover its rightful place in the world as an imperial
    World power one needs to be able to duff up the russkys .

    And I might add if they dare to attack our cyberspace one
    Would point out it is populated by the Scotttish mad dog
    Vicious cybernats who would destroy them utterly .
    All to the sounds of Highland Cathedral .

    Failing that a full broadside from HMS Britannia
    Will send them scuttling back to Moscow,
    Now Brexit is here we can reemerge as pre eminent
    In just about everything once again ..

    Obviously we have fallen behind France in GDP
    Since the vote but we won’t let that be a blot on
    Our landscape …..

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  4. Tris

    I wouldn’t let any Government in the UK spent any money on an IT Project, we all know how that will end, wasted billions. Russia probably have better cyber spies than we do, the Chinese probably have more and better than anyone and it wasn’t that long ago that the USA National Security Agency were found to be listening to tapped phone calls involving German chancellor Angela Merkel and her closest advisers for years and spied on the staff of her predecessors(wikileaks). No doubt we probably paid to support that wee action and no doubt are doing it now on the back of Brexit.

    Russia is basically now the new boogey man given we only have two years or there abouts to blame them bloody foreigners . The Russians are the new bury bad news slight of hand, slash benefits on the poorest and most vulnerable but feign some anger at being shite at spying.

    The difficulty for this Government will be that they are pretty shite at being a Government, even worse than Cameron and the posh boys, including Clegg, so no doubt they will make an arse of it but the sad part will be that they will cost all of us billions of pounds in the process that will be passed on to those with nothing already. Actually just watching Theresa May make an arse of herself at PMQs, again. She is so crap she makes Mundell look like a statesman.

    You have to laugh at the”making work always pay” bullshit, of course work will pay when there is no f social security left, they are the scum of the earth. Not even bloody good at bluffing it either, but when you don’t care you don’t have to.


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    1. First of all I have to say, Bruce, that in my humble opinion NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING, could make Fluffy appear to be a statesman.

      Regardless of party he is a poor fish. If he were green or SNP or Scottish Socialist, I’d say the same. He’s a buffoon.

      But I agree, May isn’t up to the job, and neither are the people she has around her.

      In particular Davis and Fox are dumplings. Boris is a fool, but he’s a very very clever fool.

      Not sure that will do him much good.

      Well, we’ve blamed the EU for ever now about everything that went wrong so someone else has to take the flack. Might as well be the Russians. We don’t want to go upsetting the Chinese, do we?

      Did you see the Daily Mail headline today about foreign drivers on their phones… followed by a taxi driver that nearly killed Owen Jones because he was on his phone. An English taxi driver.

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  5. They have the blame game covered both foreign and domestic. Not only are they blaming the ‘Baby Boomers’ for the housing crisis but there was a piece on Scotland 2016 tonight where they can help solve the pension crisis as well cos the greedy gits have tied up umpteen trillions in the value of their houses. They should apparently release this to pay their kids pensions and uni costs. Not a word as usual about employers paying shit wages while making huge profits and not paying tax. Or Bankers or equity firms who’ll take your house off your hands for a fraction of its worth on the proviso that you peg it right quick. All out of a sense of goodness and fair play of course.

    Is it a trip to la la land to hope that we can do better in an independent Scotland. We need to have a bloody good try.

    Phew! I needed that.

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    1. It’s always someone else’s fault, isn’t it? Fancy having the temerity to be born after the war, and then need schools (which weren’t built in time) then contribute in taxes and national insurance all your life till you got to 65, soon 66, then 67, etc), having bought a house, just like Mrs Thatcher told you you should… it was the British way… and then demand the most miserly pension.

      I wondered briefly who they would blame for everything once they had left the EU behind… then I remembered that the unemployed, the sick, the poor, the disabled…etc, are still there. And most of all all these damned people who go on living once they can’t work any more. Bloody scroungers.

      I’m glad you got that off our chest. We both needed it. Damn right too.


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