Owen Jones 1 : John McTernan 0


Quod erat demonstrandum…


25 thoughts on “Owen Jones 1 : John McTernan 0”

  1. Hey Tris

    Quod is the Latin, not that I did Latin or Greek . My school was so bad half the time we didn’t do English!
    Quad(s) is when you have four weans at the same time 🙂

    But yeah Owen pure zinged him. They have a history of twitter slanging matches. Owen’s still an English unionist but he’s beginning to see how useless BLiS is.


    1. Thanks, head proof reader. I shoulda noticed that. Munguin will have my guts for garters. He’s very fussy about classical references …and hard work… per ardua ad astra, as he always says… smartass little animal. I’ll correct it tout de suite! 🙂

      Yes, I have no illusions about Owen, but he’s sharp as a tack, and it’s always good to see McTeacake busted.

      I heard that Donald Trump invited him over to campaign for Hillary!

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  2. Yet, but to be fair, the eggman did say Labour wouldn’t lose a single seat. He rather hoped it would be Eastwood I’m sure, but in the end the single seat was red Morningside. It was the only thing he predicted correctly, so lets gae him his due.

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  3. Tris
    McTernan is just the go to Labour non entity shock jock now for the media. Always good for a sneeky nasty comment and he will whore himself for a pound, he might prefer a euro though nowadays. The man is a plank, how many politicians careers has he ruined now on both sides of the world. He makes David Torrance look like an intellectual within yoondom. I like Owen Jones, don’t agree with him on the union obviously but he is a very very smart and astutue man and a good writer.

    Saying that I still think they will try to take Corbyn down, esp if de-selections happen in next year or two. Won’t effect Dugdull as she will be out on her arse after the cooncil elections next year, they are also all Tories and in the wrong party. They are the filthy sheen on the top of the scum that protects the Tories below the surface. Probably stink as well.



  4. I don’t really follow Scottish politics but I do know about John McTernan. Right now, he is in the US campaigning for Clinton. I’ve already packed the cellar with tinned food, water purifiers and blankets.

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    1. Our American friend, Danny, tells me that the outcomes starting to look really uncertain. I reckon it’s all down to McTeacake.

      Clinton is no picnic, but Trump??????


      1. Nothing can go wrong. They are proven winners. Hillary is in experienced hands, there.

        I wonder if President Trump would be keen to sign trade deals with the UK. He has campaigned very solidly against NAFTA. He is willfully inconsistent but on this one topic he has been unwavering. His supporters certainly expect him to bring jobs back to the US and for him to implement protectionist policies. That won’t include importing tariff-free from the UK, especially given its weak currency.


        1. Didn’t he say though, at some stage, that if he were president he would sign a trade deal with the UK right away… ? Scary man!

          And didn’t he buddy up with Mr Farage, who spoke at his rallies?

          So let’s see. He is elected Tuesday and has his training period, without pay till January. We could have a trade deal in place by the beginning of February?


    1. Search me. Who the hell would employ him. I thought that Kez ditched him, what with him making a bit of a mess of Murphy’s campaign, but she’s off to the States with him? What’s that about?


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