1. Hello from me, Munguin and my friends celebrating Hallowe’en. Don’t worry PP, there are Orangs. I’d not want you to log on for nothing.
2: I’m at the party too…can you see me?


3. I’m Puan, the grumpy old Orang. You can read about me here.

4. Morning in the desert.
5. I’d rather not be in a cage, but aren’t I magnificent anyway?
6. My lucky neighbour is in Greece just now.
7. I brought you some flowers.
8. Hot baths; cold day.
9. Hi there. Are you fond of donkeys?


10. Yep, it’s me again, being grumpy. I’m allowed at my age.


11. Doune Castle.

12. Pink river…


13. Would you look at that sky?

14. You did say you liked donkeys, right?


15. Scottish wildcat. There are so few of them left in the wilds.

16. Lunch at last.


17. Isn’t Scotland bonnie…if a tad grey?

18. Another amazing sky, in, I’d guess Netherlands.
19. I shouldn’t be here, but at least I have a substitute mum, which is better than nothing.
20. Sound advice to all.
21. OK, that’s it for this week.I’m off to Munguin’s party. See you next week.

Munguin is grateful to Mr Paton for sending us the pictures and the story about the elderly Orang, Puan.



    1. I forgot about Samhain… and Diwali too (is it that time already?)

      Seeing Samhain starts with an S… Guess what I’m gonna do.

      Thanks. Clarence the Crow says thanks. (I bought him out of Matalan a few years ago, because he only had one eye and was going to be thrown in the bin. He looked so pitifully sad, I thought he needed to join Munguin’s Republic.

      You never know when you are going to need to peck a unionist or a royal!

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  1. Lovely photo’s again Tris.
    Scottish scenery and the Scottish wildcat particularly good.
    Had to look hard to see Doune castle though 🤓
    Early rise to change all the clocks, coffee, toasted pancakes with marmalade and back off to bed for an hour.

    Have a great day everyone.

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    1. Toasted coffee and pancakes, Gerry? I think we’ll all be round your house next weekend.

      Love the wildcat too. Someone said there were only about 35 wild ones left in the country.

      The castle is a bit in the background there… don’t worry. Your eyesight’s not fading!!!


  2. Brilliant again. What beautiful kitties and yesterday was national cat day too! As for Puan, I’m not 60 yet and I can be pretty grumpy at times so I’ll let her off with it! Given it’s Munguin’s blog I can’t complain about his pic being first can I. Also I’ve discovered that if I use another e-mail address (not the yahoo one), I don’t need to log in! Though Tris did need to release me from moderation…

    Enjoy Samhain when it comes. Theresa May has been trick or treating. The trick is trying to make us believe we are a UNITED Kingdom when everywhere else but Scotland gets a brexit deal. The treat is watching Nicola run rings around her.

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    1. Well, I tried complaining, but I was just told to keep quite and do my job, or throw myself on the mercy of the DWP! And we all know that’s like throwing yourself under a speeding train. (Not that you find many/any of them in the UK.)

      Nicola is playing blinders and Tessy…well… Mayhem is a good nick name for her.


  3. tris and other extreme snp apologists
    you snp right no matter what they do
    everybody else traitors scum morons
    to use conans(and other nats) normal epithets

    Have you seen

    The SNP has forgotten how to fight for social justice
    Kevin McKenna

    But it is its spiteful little illiberal interventions that hint at something distasteful with the SNP; that, underneath all the lofty rhetoric about fairness and equality that lets it win elections and hang on to power, there is a reactionary core.

    The party’s backing of a third runway at Heathrow was another puzzle. Why would a party with a commitment to making Scotland the greenest wee country on the planet want to have anything remotely to do with a project that will pollute everything in its path and very likely be in breach of EU regulations on noise and air pollution? If the SNP’s fabled 56(-ish) at Westminster are not too busy collecting rents on their second and third properties they will find that they will be required to ensure that Theresa May gets her way on this.

    I just wonder if you lot are able to even consider
    for one nano second any relevant criticism of your
    snp masters…

    what your opines are on Mr McKenna contention.


    1. I think you’ll not find any such words on here. Unless you use them.

      Mr Mckenna is entitled to his views. In some of them he may have a point. I wonder what they vote for Heathrow was about? But I concluded that, at some point, the English would build themselves another airport because compared with France and Germany they are woefully underserved.

      That that airport would be in London would be of no doubt. That Scotland would help pay for it was also a no-brainer. In my opinion both of these things is wrong.

      If they need a new airport then the UK has a duty to expand its economic growth outside London, and the airport should be in the Midlands, the North, or Scotland…or perhaps Wales. If they keep on then London will be all that is left.

      However, none of that was EVER going to happen. I think the SNP should have fought for it though.

      The SNP isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot better than anything else going. You should read Wings’ article on the economic levers available to Nicola… or not available in fact.

      I see that it’s not bothering Kez anyway, as she’s gone over to America to help Mrs Clinton into power.

      I’m not 100% convinced that Mrs Clinton will be happy about that, given her own record…


  4. I’m sure I saw No.1 sitting on a wall with two pals – I left before the sad bit. Puan has borrowed my hair-style right down to the colour and, as a bonus is grumpy as well. The Greek photo makes you want to dive in and the Scottish looks like the approach to the castle in Harris. Great phot0s!


    1. Was it a cold and frosty morning up there?

      If you look very much like Puan, maybe we could persuade Panda Paws to take you under her wing.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the pics. 🙂


  5. Every week I am amazed at the standard of photography and comment you manage to produce.

    This week I believe you may have surpassed yourself in regard to Puan, the Scottish (and Netherlands – although not Dutch, I am biased) content as well as the topical Halloween photo.


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  6. Crows are supposed to be extremely smart. I read somewhere that the reason we think they’re winged devils is because they’re too much like us. I’ll only really get scared when I see one with glasses reading a maths textbook. Don’t know why Hitchcock didn’t incorporate that into The Birds.

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    1. They are very smart. They can use tools and use their brains to crack shells and nuts.

      Brighter by and large than some politicians!

      They probably wear contacts!


  7. I love what you do here. You mix up frankly amazing nature photography, which might, just, remind us all of how lucky we are to live in a damn near perfect world.

    And you point, in other posts, about how self-centered and bad the human race can be.

    It is a rich and heady mix you give us here.

    Long may it continue!


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