Any idea which one is right ?




  1. It is true that the games industry is huge. I play, and pay a subscription, for a MMOPRG that adsorbs a huge amount of my time. There are seven million other folk, worldwide, that have bought the exact same game. Funnily enough, the European server version has a lot of very friendly, err, Europeans playing on it. Who are almost all polite and pleasant.

    What might be interesting for you is that you can group with others and hear what they have to say. One group I joined spoke flawless English, but as I left – it was late – they reverted to their native German. In other words, to accommodate little me, they spoke English, flawlessly.

    Bloody foreigners! Taking our language and speaking it better than we do.


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    1. Yes, I visited a friend in Hungary a few weeks ago. He had been here at university and lived nearby me. We became friends for the four years he was here.

      His family were incredibly welcoming. They all spoke really good English, from his 83 year old gran (who also spoke German and Russian and some French, to his mum who also spoke German and Russian, his girl friend, who spoke German, and his sister who spoke American (thanks to Netflix). His dad spoke English, his best friend spoke brilliant English and was able to discuss art and politics in detail in it.

      Almost everyone in shops and cafés seemed quite capable of conversing in English and German. Even those who had limited English (German is really their second language) made an effort to communicate.

      And you’re right. There really were no grammatical errors. They do speak it better than we do.

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      1. I do have problems with Safari browser, refusing to let me in to Guardian as deemed unsafe and some other sites. Could be something connected with Safari.

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  2. I have no more knowledge than the next man, but I was trying to find out information about this last weekend. I have developed an interest in Scotland’s trading positions internationally. All I could find last week was a vague number of about £150 million in sales( I think it was ), and that several thousand people were employed in the sector. So without reading the MOT reports ( my fibaphobia kicks in as you know ), I would suggest that both headlines may be correct.


  3. yeah well given what the Oil price which the snp swore
    would be to what the reality (not that you lot want to
    know about reality )

    The games industry will bring in more than Oil
    without the pollution


  4. It depends on the individual game.
    For instance, Schrodingers Cat is very popular with a huge swage of Yoons. They can’t seem to get past the Level 1 Pussy though.

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