The following list of MPs voted against a Labour motion calling for a ban on the selling or arms to the despotic and barbaric Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; a country where the king is a friend of the Windsors.

Apparently, the foreign secretary said that if the UK didn’t sell arms to them then someone else would, which, although it is undoubtedly true, just about sums up his attitude to morality.

How much better for these kids to be killed and maimed by Great British bombs than by some inferior foreign muck.



  1. A parcel of rogues, doesn’t quite cover the contempt I feel for these baisterts.

    Once again Labour members sat on their hands, what’s the point in them being there?
    The vote was lost, 283 to 193, with 102 Labour abstentions to their own leaders motion, which would’ve won, but for the stupid chicken coup twats.

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    1. I think they really need to think about what party they want to be in. If they want to be Tories, then they should cross the floor. If they want to be something between Tory and the Labour party chosen by the membership, then they should break away and start a new party.

      I know weapons is big business in the UK, some of them, I believe, made, to our shame, in Scotland.

      The laugh is that we kept being told by Cameron and the queen that this is a CHRISTIAN country.

      Well guys, let’s walk the walk then, shall we? Turn your swords into ploughshares, huh?

      Otherwise shut the hell up about being Christians, because you’re NOT.

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    2. You are far too polite.

      It is verging on ridiculous that thee and me are utterly ignored by Westminster. Or that Munguin’s Republic is below the radar. For that was a call to arms.

      We may care, and we do, about the death toll, but parliament apparently does not. How does that work, exactly? Is it that their electorate revels in mayhem, death and destruction?

      I think that they think that their form of independence, which has a bullet as it’s membership card, is the only way to go.

      Hell mend them.

      There is some layer of insulation between people that vote for murderers , which is what Parliament allowed, and their electorate.

      If, heaven forfend, my MP voted for killing as a political strategy, I could never look her in the face again.

      My MSP is Nicola Sturgeon.

      I doubt she ever will.


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      1. I think you’d be pretty safe with Nicola.

        I’d have nothing to do with an MP who voted for this to continue.

        I wonder why 100 Labour MPs failed to vote with their party?


    1. It’s repulsive. The UK supplies the weapons and advises on strategy. It makes me physically sick that I am paying for this to happen.

      May those who sat on their hands, or voted for it to continue, have nightmares about this… and their part in it… for the next 20 years.

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  2. Mundell isn’t so fluffy after all and a special mention to our friend Alberto Costa.

    It is truly frightening to be ruled by these people, we have to get out. Wake up No voters.

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    1. BTW, what in particular did Alberto do? Having failed to make it in Angus, I know that he ran off to Conservativeland in the south. And he used to be against Brexit, and I imagine now thinks it’s the best thing since low taxes for rich folk?


  3. This is horrific. Surely if there is a God in heaven the perpetrators of this horror will wish they had never been born?

    We are governed by avaricious dolts.

    As for Fluffy’s mental prowess; when do we get to see evidence of this?

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    1. Yes, it’s horrific. I dunno how anyone could possibly think it was reasonable. Of course you have to flush out terrorists but is it entirely necessary to kill and starve kids while you are doing it. Or would it be possible for us to find a cleverer way than blanket bombing schools and hospitals?

      Still, money to be made.

      I think what we see is evidence of his LACK of intellectual prowess.

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  4. As long as I can remember arms manufacturers have influenced the UK Government’s foreign policies irrespective of how brutal and repulsive the regimes who buy the weapons. Is it not interesting but not surprising how little reporting of this revolting and significant vote there has been in the national media.

    On a ‘lighter’ note it is with a great deal of trepidation that I dare to suggest to the Mighty Munguin that I do not like the dark and gloomy back-ground in the new blog. You brighten up our Sundays with colourful pictures but the rest of the week we are subjected to darkness. Any chance of something light and cheerful or I will be forced to visit Niko’s bar where although the text is nonsense the background is, like Niko himself, bright and sunny?

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    1. It is not ‘not interesting’, it is very interesting. IIRC Private Eye, ran numerous articles about Thatchers’ wee boy and his links to Saudi Arabia. As I recall, the enormous sale of weapons of, one notch down from mass destruction, was advertised as a victory for the British Arms Industry.

      Y’know, exports are good.


      Thatcher’s wee boy is still running about free.

      You choose

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      1. Oh lordy yes, he’s still alive and causing havoc, no doubt wherever he goes. But there were others, also linked with Thatcher… Aitken, and his trusty sword and shield, who, if I remember, was a one time boyfriend of Carol Thatcher.

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    2. Agreed. Government after government has been fuill of revolting characters who care not a whit what kind of people they do business with , as long as they do business.

      I’ll ask the boss if we can lighted the background, when he returns from his Halloween party.

      Anything to keep you from running off to Niko’s Bar and deserting us.

      Niko’s bright and sunny? Have you been on the waccy baccy again?

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  5. “Still, money to be made.”

    I suspect that what we are seeing is indeed a capitalist economy in a cage fight for it’s very survival.

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    1. Well, Boris is… and to be fair, let’s be honest, he’s probably right… the Frencgh, Americans, Chinese, Russians… etcetera. That in no way excuses a so-called Christian nation from do it though

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      1. Two, arguably three out of four, of these nations also consider themselves Christian. The French and Americans surely do, the Russians perhaps a little less so. But religion has been an excuse for evil for far too long, it allows a special version of ‘double-think’ where the ends justify the means, when no ends can ever be served by the pictures you provided us with.

        Indeed no decent person would or should remain unmoved, yet the vast majority of the human race will never see your post, or if they did, they would look away and think about sweet baby Jesus. What consolation that gives them is beyond reprehensible.

        It is all terribly sad.

        Perhaps the Chinese do export weapons of mass destruction. I seem to have missed the memo?

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        1. The French and Americans of course do not have a state religion, as we do. But certainly the Americans are a good deal more Christian, at least in church attendance than the Brits.

          I’m pretty sure that the Chinese sell weapons. The French and Americans certainly do. I’m not sure who are the other big players though.

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  6. May I share this with you? It is, allegedly the third verse of the US National Anthem:

    “O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
    Between their loved homes and the war’s desolation.
    Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the Heav’n rescued land
    Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
    Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
    And this be our motto: ‘In God is our trust.’
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave![25]

    What a lot of self serving bullshit!

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  7. In case you are missing the point Apaches, Seminoles and Comanches were doing OK before the chant of USA! USA! fucked up a continent. And, later, the World.

    Recently reading a Science Fiction novel by a Scottish author. Ken MacLeod, who has a one-liner that I paraphrase:

    “USA, where good ideas go to die”

    Thought about that a lot.

    Decided that Ken Macleod is a genius.


  8. I’m eternally sceptical of anything that attributes greatness to any country big or small.

    And if they add God into the mix, I get even more sceptical.

    Countries I admire are generally relatively small and have good systems of welfare and social security; health and education. If that can be described as greatness, then I’m all for it. None of that necessarily has anything to do with any god.

    I never cease to be amazed at peoples of modern day America or Australia ranting about immigrants with no sense of irony. Trump apparently said that his parents didn;t come to that “great country” to be overrun by a pile of immigrants. Australia has just passed or is in the process of passing the strictest possible rules about immigration, banning some people from even visiting their country on holiday, lest they should wish to remain.

    Hello, anyone out there?

    As for national anthems… Yuk.

    God save the poor bastards who have to live in cardboard boxes less than a mile away from the Saxe Coburg Gothas’ palaces. The queen doesn’t require god to look after her. She does terribly nicely herself.

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      1. In honesty, Douglas, I wouldn’t sink low enough to start a political party. It seems to me that even those who do so with the best possible intentions end up being sucked into the horrible mess that is politics.

        I’d certainly not know where to start with Brexit, for example.

        But thanks for the vote of confidence. πŸ™‚

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  9. Tris, the vote is freely given. You are an honorable man or woman, not clear about which you are. But you are the real deal.

    Frankly, this web site takes Nationalism and sticks it on a very interesting Green/ anti-war plank. I knew nothing about bonobo’s, never even knew they existed, and you and others hereabouts educated me. Bloody love them now, so I do.

    Love the mixture of sense and sensibility that you have.

    There you go. You have a fan.



  10. Because of this post Tris. I completely admire what you are doing here. You are one of the good guys….

    That is evil, or so I suppose. I think most of your audience would agree?

    Hell mend the lot of them!

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