1. Reading the transcripts of the Article 50 court case I am of the opinion that they will have to obtain a vote in Wastemonster to approve giving notice. Should be interesting as SNP will vote against.


    1. I imagine they will appeal it if they do.

      Could parliament overturn the decision?

      If they did what would be the consequences, particularly in England?

      Would UKIP rise to new heights?

      Would the Tories lose half their support?

      Would the Neanderthals revolt and riot?

      I wonder how the other three Scottish MPs would vote?


  2. Johnson, Davis, Fox. ‘Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the May-dle with you’, as Steelers Wheel might not have sung many eons ago. Christ, that bunch would ‘gar ye greet’ to quote my late granny.

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    1. Scary, huh? It’s hard to think of people she could have chosen who could be less competent. I see Patel wants to sell aid for trade deals. What a loathsome character she is.


  3. You know what really grates with me Tris is the absolute lack of principle. ‘No, no Brexit would be horrible; oh, the plebs have voted for Brexit. Ah, Brexit will be the most wonderful thing ever.’ Mind you I suppose that’s par for the course if you’re a Tory, always and unapologetically following the main chance, but as for Labour; I used to think they had some principles, but these days yer head spins with the amount of U-turning that lot seem to do – and that’s only Kez in the Scottish Branch office. Then there’s the Lib-Dems, the party of home rule – aye, right.


    1. Yup. Ruth and Muddlehead were telling us what a disaster it would be; now they’ve found a whole shed load of opportunities we can benefit from. Only they aren’t going to tell us what they are.

      It’s like a wee game.

      The singly most disgusting thing I have heard is the Secretary of State for Scotland saying that what Scotland wants doesn’t matter.

      Well done Fluffy. I didn’t think I could have had a lower opinion of you, but you just proved me wrong.


  4. I realise that the 22% who vote Tory in Scotland care very little about the other 78% and are happy with what the Tory Gov does, but it seems extraordinary to me that there isn’t a reaction from the 16% Slab politicians, activists and even voters to the only offer to Scotland is that Nicola Sturgeon can phone David Davies once a month, to say what I’m not sure.
    David Davies FFS. We have the very useless Mundell as SofS and now Davies to ‘chat’ to.
    The Scottish Government had a round of meetings with people when they toured Scotland. The Shadow cabinets should be doing the same so they can be made to face real people to answer for their decisions. They hide in TV studios and within the one sided ‘conversations’ in newspaper articles and columns.
    Maybe a new campaign is needed, “The Scottish Government was willing to speak to us why don’t you?”

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    1. Yes, Brain. It’s a scandal that the best we have is David Davis’s phone number.

      I think it would do Ruth and Kez a lot of good to get out and hear what people are saying about this. politics aside there are a large number of people from all parties that depend on the EU. Tories and labour supporters won’t be immune from job losses and price increases.


  5. One of the many problems Westminster now has is,that as long as they were a member state of the EU,their right to represent Scotland in international affairs was accepted by other European states.
    We are now in a completely different place,where Scotland is beginning to speak for itself and is being heard by the EU institutions.
    Westminster should have listened to Scotland when we told them we would not accept being taken out of the EU against our will and should not be surprised when we try to do something about it.
    The press release from May about “slapping down Sturgeon” is just for consumption south of the border to give the appearance that they are in complete control of the situation and that there is nothing to worry about.

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    1. Yes, of course.

      But I wonder if it goes down well in Scotland, even amongst ordinary unionists.

      Of course, there are some that will whoop with joy at the thought of Sturgeon being slapped down for representing the interests of the majority in her country, but many unionists are scared about leaving the EU. (By the same token I understand that there are “nationalists”, who are against the EU.) I read the other day that the leaders of the devolved administrations were “summoned to Downing Street”. Well, of course, they weren’t. Even Mrs Mayhem isn’t that stupid. They were “invited”, but the London press wants to give an impression that London lords over us. It might play well in England. It won;t in Wales, NI or Scotland.

      There are unionists who don’t like being trodden on by London.

      Hopefully we will be aided by pressure from the mainland.

      Nicola and her team have left Europe in no doubt that Scotland doesn’t want to be dragged out.


      1. As well as the Berlin trade centre inititive I think the Scottish government should establish ones in Dublin, Oslo and Reykjavik to promote Scottish products. Not trying to undermine Britexit you understand, just to promote trade.

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        1. I’m all for it. The British embassies never do much for Scotland and charge them rental when they want to put on something, so they might as well get some office space while there is some going. I believe the Banks are buying it up in preparation for leaving London.


  6. Unfortunately Her poker face is being let down by her speech
    to the wealthy elite bankers (to whom she is beholden ) in
    which she totally contradicts her Brexit means Brexit mantra.

    still hypocrisy and hyperbole is stock in trade for politicos
    I mean look at the Heathrow debacle the Government of
    westmonster with full backing of the snp vote yea and
    yet the Government ministers vote nay !

    well you couldn’t make it up without the snp undying
    support the for the Conservative plans expansion at
    Heathrow could not happen.


    1. Yes, I’ve seen her speech to the bankers at Goldman’s, leaked to the Guardian. Most interesting.

      I’ve not caught up on what happened over Heathrow.

      I didn’t know the SNP voted with teh government. I’d like to see the reasoning before I comment, but my initial reaction is that not favourable.

      Of course there shouldn’t be another runway in London. Why not Newcastle, or Edinburgh or use Prestwick?

      But given that it was always going to be in London, because no where else matters, I’m not sure that it mattered much to us.

      It’s a HUGE deal for the locals of course, but we’re going to be out of pocket billions with little or no return, no matter what.

      So why didn’t they just abstain, as they have no interest.

      I take your point, but if Heathrow didn’t happen, Gatwick would have.


      1. I knew before conference that the SNP position was pro Heathrow. I too raised an eyebrow. However I believe the reasoning is that the increased capacity at Heathrow should permit more feeder flights to/from Scotland which would enable better connectivity for Scotland with the rest of the world. Expansion elsewhere would increase the connectivity of London with the rest of the world, but would not leave Scotland any better off as we would not have the feeder services.

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      1. Amsterdam Schiphol is as viable a hub for Scotland

        Has been for some time as this was the route when i emigrated to Canada in 81.
        Flew from Edinburgh by the way.

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    1. I’ve spread it about a bit too… Maybe other readers would do so too?

      It would be hilarious to hear it being debated, specially if Muddle had to answer to it… Aye, well, er, who cares what you think?

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  7. Going back to Heathrow, I call it the airport from hell.

    It is the only one which has consistently failed to get me and my luggage to and from my destination in one piece and together on the correct day.

    Add to that, the stench – cheap coffee, cheap scent and fried food – makes me feel. And in the waiting areas, you can’t hear the flight calls for the noise of the ads on the screens all over the place.

    No thank you!

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    1. I hate airports anyway. The whole business of travel has become a nightmare, and even in small airports the horrible (if necessary) security.

      Heathrow is far too big, and far too commercial. As you say, there’s a nasty cheapness about it.

      One thing that interests me is that, like so many of these privatised ventures, we will be paying for their expansion. And their directors and shareholders will profit from it.

      In Scotland it’s very hard to see what good this will do us. Rather like Crossrail and the London sewers, HS2 and the Olympics, we seem to pay for these things and get no benefit.

      In my opinion there should be a consequential so we can expand Edinburgh, build railways, etc.


    1. One said this was “having a more detrimental effect” on the market than Brexit itself, another complained that the SNP had added to the uncertainty and a third said the “biggest problem” in Scotland was the prospect of an independence vote.

      But it’s a fair point that leaving the UK behind will leave a large market behind, which is why neither country should leave the EU.


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