1. Morning all…
2. Autumn?
3. It’s good morning  Your Majesty, OK?
4. Summer Meadow.
5. South Georgia.
6. Ragwart
7. You’ve not seen a posh looking bloke have you? Answers to the name of Cameron. No? Phewwwww…
8. Anyone any ideas where this would be?
9. Rhododendrons.
10. Sunset in New England.
11. Nordic Lane.
12. Thai monkey.
13. So much for the sea wall.
14. You heard MUNGUIN was coming to tea?
15. That’s how  you show a clean pair of heels… geddit?
16. This is my mummy!
17. My teeth need Colgate?
18. You scratch my back…
19. OK that’s it. I’m having lunch. Can you see yourself out?


13 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Hi Tris, I think No 8 might be Domme, or certainly it’s one of the old hill fort villages in the Dordogne. Domme would be my best guess – went there a few years back and it’s every bit as beautiful as your pic shows

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  2. isn’t Autumn lovely – that second picture sums up all that I love at the season. Awful lot of Munguin’s relatives this week – did he have a family reunion recently? I adored the Thai monkey and the big kittys. Just makes you feel better after a week where the Tories made sure old men still have criminal convictions rather than let an SNP bill become law.

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    1. I love the colours of autumn,the bright sunlight and crisp colours… but it’s what comes right after that I hate.

      It’s kinda hard to take in the pettiness of the Tories that would talk out a totally reasonable Bill that I suspect most people would agree with, just so they could ensure that the SNP looked bad. I wonder what kind of good they think it will do them. And what does Ruth think about it?

      Munguin was a bit miffed that my relatives seemed to get more coverage on the blog than his did, so he put his flipper down.


  3. The leaves here are a fantastic autumn colour at the moment. The downside is that the Swiss obsession with noisy leaf blowers is reaching full force. To the Swiss mind fallen leaves represent a dangerous threat to order and must be stopped in their tracks. Maybe they fall in their fondue or something.

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    1. Ah yes. Leaves are a bit like litter! How dare they fall onto pristine Swiss paths, roads, chemins, railways, or indeed fondue!

      If the people can be orderly, then why not nature?


  4. No. 10 is what Mexico will look like from a distance when Trump gets his finger on the nuclear button. I’m in a particularly soppy mood today!

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    1. The downside of Trump is pretty obvious, but let’s dwell on the positives. The upside is you can’t deny it looks very very pretty.

      It’s good to know you aren’t “he-man” all the time!


  5. That was a particularity good, Soppy Sunday.

    And a word or too, if I may?

    That is the point of being human. It is because most of your readership are actually human that they sit at their screens and appreciate nature’s diversity and charm. What you provide them with is an interesting and frankly lovable naturalism.

    There are many others who do not.

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