I felt quite naked without one…




    1. I think that was McConnell. This one did a back door deal with Blair, just before Devolution and signed off 6,000 sq. miles of North Sea oil to England. At St Andrews you are not looking at Scottish waters but ‘English Waters’. This MUST be rectified.

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      1. Seriously I wouldn’t think if it went to international mediation there would be the slightest chance of that standing. Craig Murray knows a good deal about these matters, having worked in the department that dealt with that kind of thing. As I recall he said it would be overturned easily.

        Interesting though that I could go paddle in foreign waters not a ten minuted drive from Munguin Towers.

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    2. I think they all sent money back coz clearly, we were living in paradise. Every bairn was fed; every road surfaced like the Queen was just about to drive along it; every school was in tip top condition and there wasn’t a single person waiting more than 5 minutes for an NHS appointment.

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  1. That’s a new sighting on me. The one on the chooky Wellington is old hat ( snigger). There are felt hats available to buy. I cannot remember where I saw them, maybe the GoMA shop.

    As to Mr Dewar’s statue, I hope when we are independent it is recycled. I think a flagpole with a saltire more appropriate at the foot of the Concert Hall steps.

    So wis it Petula Clark you was at?


    1. I think they are going to get rid of the steps anyway, David… which is a bit of a shame, but although he was the best of the Labour FMs, by a fairly long way, they could at least move him to …well, wherever.

      Yep Petula Clark, it was.


  2. I remember witnessing the late-night sport of welly the cone on Wellington’s head in Queen Street. There was quite a crowd cheering them on. They got it up then some drunken guy tried to clamber up to retrieve it so they could have another go at it. Would have made quite a spectacle at the Commonwealth Games.

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    1. Well, this was at about 6.30, and I give you my solemn oath that neither Munguin nor I were drunk!

      I reckon you’re right. Would have made for more entertaining spectator sport than some of the stuff they put on.


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