…Or is it just me that sees a massive void between what England wants (and has every right to want) and what Scotland wants (and equally, has every right to want).

It kind reminds me of a couple I once knew. Let’s call them Scott and Angela. It’s not their names but I’m sure you can see where I got the ideas…

He was a lively fun loving guy who always wanted to go out; she was rather less outgoing and loved to stay in and watch tv.

He wanted to spend money on a really cool sporty car; she wanted a smaller car and the house completely renovated.

He wanted to go to on holiday to a fun resort in Spain and party; she preferred to go hill walking in Switzerland.

He wanted to gravel/pave the garden to minimise maintenance; she wanted to landscape it.

He didn’t want kids till he was a lot older; she  wanted them now.

To begin with they compromised a bit. One year they’d go to a lively resort, which she hated; the next they’d go walking and he was plum miserable all fortnight. They bought a middle of the road car that neither of them really liked, and remodelled the lounge only. They put a lawn in the garden and argued about cutting it. He went out while she stayed in three or four evenings a week. And they never had kids, which she regretted.

Needless to say, this wasn’t a marriage made in heaven and, not surprisingly, although they loved each other, after a few years they split up.

After they sorted out who was taking what and got themselves installed in their new homes they went back to being friends and had the occasional meal out together, or weekend away.

At least there was some come and go in their marriage, but, as the illustration below shows, with our “marriage”, there isn’t.

So here’s a wee suggestion for the Britains… you might like to try a friendly, no-blame divorce, coz really I can’t see this working out.

Can you?



  1. Wanglanders may have made a decision but royaly screwed their going to be. Article50 was drafted in such a way that leavers hold no negotiating cards whatever.

    UK is fcuk ed.

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  2. And also:
    A partner who collects our combined income but refuses to disclose how much is due to whom and tells us that we would not survive without his/her benevolence.
    A partner who,last time we threatened divorce,went round all our friends and asked them to tell us that we would no longer be friends if we followed through.
    Stanley Odd’s Marriage Counselling says it all.
    I just hope that those people who think that being in such a relationship is “normal” waken up and realise that there are much better alternatives out there but can only be achieved through separation.

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      1. Well, it would be nice to be a part of the international community, wouldn’t it? In the current situation we aren’t really, we’re a very submissive junior partner of a country that seems to get on with no one except America.

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  3. “You don’t get a referendum for free, you have to earn it. So if the Greens and the SNP – and the SSP or any of the other parties who’ve declared an interest in independence – get over the line and can make a coalition, make a majority, get the votes in the Parliament, then they’ll vote through a referendum, and that’s what democracy’s all about… it’s perfectly simple” Ruth Davidson

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    1. I don’t think we have to earn it, as such, Ruth.

      We have to want it.. or rather, enough of us have to want it to get a majority in parliament.

      The SSP isn’t represented in parliament, but the Greens and the SNP make a majority of members.

      Both have said that they felt that being pulled out of the EU was sufficient reason to have another referendum.

      Once upon a time the Liberals might have felt that way, but this lot are so full of hate for the SNP they’d do anything, suffer anything, rather than back a referendum.

      I guess it’s possible that some of the Labour people might vote with us.

      The Tories will do what London tells them.


    1. You know, if I was clever, like Terry, I’d have put The Police up singing that on Youtube.

      I’m not though.

      I can’t explain the signing in. ASome people seem to have to; some don’t.

      I’m really sorry about it, Jutie.


      1. Anything that gets you bye this hurdle of having to swap ISP’s is good. But it will reflect on how many of your fans (me) and critics stick with the program. I suspect it will be most of your old fan club, after each and every one of us have worked out what happened.

        I am actually annoyed that you had to ‘jump the shark’.

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      2. Fascinating graphics. Is this divergence a recent phenomena?

        If Scotland goes out for a meal with England who pays? England definitely won’t go Dutch because that might invoke too many EU flashbacks and bring on a nasty migraine. Ditto with tapas. And anywhere with French wine. It’ll just be sausages, which are the wurst meal ever. Ho ho ho.

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        1. I suppose Swede is out of the question… and will they ever Finnish (presumably not)? Will it all be swimming in Greece? Will they drink Madeira before it… and will they Belge after?

          C’est pas facile…

          I’m told that Mrs May or Mrs Loathsome (can’t remember which) says that our future lies in selling tea and jam.

          I was wondering if she knows that the English don’t actually GROW tea.

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      3. But we do. Grow tea. I heard a story last year about some company up north exporting Scottish tea to China!

        I hesitated about dropping the anonymity by having to use wordpress to comment. But since I have to use it to comment on some other sites, I accept it. And the ease with which you have flitted should be pointed out to James Kelly. His site has effectively been ruined by a couple of trolls, yet he refuses to move platform. No trolls on Paul Kavanah’s site.

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        1. Oh, I take it back then, David.

          That will be nice but basing our entire economy on tea and jam may turn out to be a bit risky.

          Yes. Unfortunately James has real bother with that idiot Glasgow working class, who seems to be a Tory.

          Of course if people wouldn’t feed the trolls, then they would starve.


      4. That’ll be another reason rUK is so desperate to hang on to Scotland. We are obviously the colonialists source for tea and jam. Scottish resources being misappropriated as ever.

        The “we” above was Us, not them. I don’t know if they grow tea. I have heard them claim haggis, and their exports of “Scotch” dwarf those of their poor, stupid neighbour. Oh, and I have even turned my nose up at Walkers shortbread in a butchers apron tin – so I’m guessing that’ll be dunked in the great high tea drive too.

        We’re better together you see.

        Saor Alba!

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    YEAH England evil Scotland or more like snp Good
    cos any Scot citizens who support the union is a
    traitor according to the snp followers.

    a million plus scots voted to leave obviously
    they are traitors/scum to the snp

    are anti trident pro peace for Syria but that doesn’t
    suit the anti English bias of the snp and their followers.
    More people voted for other partys than the Torys but
    under FPTP their votes dont count .

    Many English (spits on the floor ) are not happy with
    tory rule many would like to be Independent of LONDON
    rule .

    To Demonise English rule is not only inaccurate but downright


    1. Yes Niko – I agree with your bottom para wholeheartedly, but here’s the difference; no-one I know in Scotland, or in the evil SNP (or Green, or SSP, or Rise) blames and/ or hates the English, but they do all blame (and despise) Westminster and their capitalist, corporate, media-whoring, banker chums; a totally different thing indeed. Jeez, my dear lady wife of 25 years is English. So here’s where we must agree to disagree – I personally think the easiest way for Scotland to start down the road towards a more democratic, less corporate, more compassionate society is to untie the apron strings that bind us to Westminster (note – I said Westminster, not England); coz we both know it, Wastemonster will never change and whilst they allow their hideous right wing media propaganda pals to fill the press and airwaves with fascistic drivel, then a large proportion of Joe public will keep sucking it up too. Once upon a time we cringing Jocks would have said ‘maister kens best’; but this particular evil Cybernat, and lots more beside (including your good self, I think, Niko) have long since concluded that when it comes to UK governance / Westminster the only thing maister kens whit tae do, is to line his own pockets, so it’ll be more same old, same old ’til the cows come home.

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    2. That’s one of your sillier rants.

      England isn’t evil. I grew up in England. I went to school there. I loved it. I’ve got loads of English friends and some parts of it are so incredibly beautiful and the people so kind.

      The facts are that England votes for different stuff. I’m well aware that there were many English who didn’t vote Tory. And there were English who voted to stay. There are English people who loathe Trident, and there are many English who didn’t want to go to war.

      It’s up to them to get out the vote and get themselves a decent prime minister and decent government.

      What we were trying to show, as you know very well, is that it doesn’t matter a stuff what Scotland votes for, it gets what England votes for.

      At present.

      I agree with the last bit of your post.


  5. Tris

    The problem remains that still too many either don’t see things for what they are, don’t care or are yoons. Is there any union that could exsist anywhere in the world with those type of differences, I doubt it. Jockholme Syndrome in all its glory is alive and well in too many. I still meet no voters that I have no idea what would make them vote yes, I don’t think anything would or how bad things got for them. How really sad I just find it all to honest. England is going down a path that we just cannot afford to follow, but too many just don’t see it. What a country, we are truly broken in so many ways, we might go down as the only country that was actually conquered by the Ebglish.


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    1. Well, Bruce. We’ll see how bad things get. The British economy was falling apart before Osborne got his silly hands on it; he stuffed it farther down the toilet, and Brexit will finish it off.

      I really hope they start to see just what a god awful mess Britain will be in.

      I got an answer today from the government about a petition to stop them getting rid of the human rights legislation (around which the Good Friday Agreement is built, between UK and Ireland).

      They insist that they will replace it with a Bill of Rights for British people. presumably based on everything else here, there will be rights for those with royal titles, slightly less for aristocrats and even less for knights and MPs and we will get the pigs’ trough.


  6. OK. Munguin and I are heading out now for Glasgow where there’s a concert we want to catch and Munguin has high level meetings to which I’m not privy.

    See you tomorrow.


  7. Any thoughts that Westminster had of not giving a running commentary on it’s exit negotiations are now extinct after May demanded to retain a say on EU policy until exit date.
    Holyrood is now going to be kept informed every step of the way by EU negotiators and there will be no stones for Westminster to hide under this time.

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