33 thoughts on “HANG THE COST… IT’S FOR BANKERS”

    1. Absolutely. It doesn’t matter what they do, they are protected.

      All these “ordinary people” who were promised hundreds of millions of pounds for the NHS, will find that these hundreds of millions will be going to keep bankers in caviar and vintage champagne.

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  1. Tris

    I think the Tories will do everything they can to protect the banks as the whole economy, since the 80’s, has been built around the banks and the City of London at the expense of everything else. Oil is obviously not their savings any more for a rainy day so they will protect their own. I think if the banks move then the Tories are in serious trouble, or more trouble than they already are. Independence in Europe for Scotland would also scare the crap out of them even more now as companies and possibly banks would move to Scotland to access the common market, no matter what the Government owned BofS say, they are being told what to say by the treasury. The Tories are the scum of the earth followed by the red and yellow ones and we will be shafted either way and be told to be thankful for the shafting, and the yoons will celebrate in all their jockholme syndrome glory.


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    1. Hi Bruce. Hope your holiday was good.

      You’re right. From the time of Thatcher the City has been everything. Everything else was sacrificed to make it the “leading” financial centre of Europe. (Although my friend who is studying to be a CA, and works for one of the merchant banks reckons that the REAL centre is Luxembourg City.) In the meantime they closed everything else down and used the oil money to pay for redundancies and unemployment (later Sickness) benefits.

      Of course a huge worry about Brexit is that it will punch a hole in UK finance industry, and they really can’t afford that because it will be important people will lose thier jobs or be forced to move to Luxembourg, Berlin, Bonn, or Dublin. If we can get independence, some of them might move to Edinburgh.

      Protecting the North East (Japanese car manufacturers) will be important too, if they don’t want the whole NE economy to crash. The Japanese have made it clear that they are in the UK for the EU market. I’m better other countries will give them good start up grants to get them onto teh mainland.

      Then they ahve to worry about Ireland, and Gibraltar, and Scotland…

      And all this to save themselves from UKIP, who seem to be doing a grand job of wrecking themselves anyway..

      Still … it would be amusing to see them make such an amateur mess of it, if it weren’t for all the lives they are wrecking in the process..


  2. The EU are not going to allow an existing member state which has seceded from the union to continue trading with more “beneficial” terms i.e. free access without any of the responsibilities.
    Westminster is still stuck with having to allow freedom of movement of labour if it wants any sort of deal.
    In any case,the City trade is what the EU will be hoping to prise away from London post Brexit.
    Despite the claims of bravado from HM press,they really have a very weak hand in dealing with the EU and are going to find the process of replacing that trade very lengthy and very difficult.

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    1. Absolutely. They seem stuck in the “we are so important everyone else will lie down and roll over” mode.

      It won’t happen.

      They need to remember it only takes one country to disagree and veto something and that’s it stuffed.

      Could be Malta, with the population of Edinburgh that does it.

      Doesn’t matter. It’s still a veto.

      I’m sure places like Luxembourg City, Bonn, Berlin, Paris and Dublin are expecting to profit from the downfall of London (which also voted to stay in, we should remember, along with Scotland NI and Gibraltar).


      1. With enough money almost every problem can be solved. How much will it cost to exit the freedom of movement of people? That is a serious question. The UK needs to start building allies in the EU and the EEA to get support for its plan (whatever that may turn out to be). Allies can be, ahem, encouraged with all sorts of sweeteners. At the moment, they are just alienating everyone but sooner or later they will work out that they need to oil the wheels of cooperation. It will take an eagle-eyed press to watch out for the signs. We’re screwed.

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  3. Not only does each state in the EU have a veto but any deal has to get through the EU Parliament as well. Since letting the UK Cherry Pick their deal might mean major problems for the EU for the forseeable future does anyone think they would give such a disadvantageous deal a free ride?

    By the way if you monitor the EU websites (as I do) you will see that having set up their Brexit negotiating team, they are now getting on with other business. They look to be doing a lot better without the UK. Border Force and joint Coastguard is now set up. Joint Defence Force is under discussion. Does anyone think what effect the possibility of “The Donald” in the White House will have?

    We need to be with them, not stuck out in the cold with the Brexiteers.

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    1. Of course. The UK wasn’t prepared and didn’t have a team in place, thanks to David Cameron banning any background work because he refused to contemplate losing. Boys that go to Eton and Oxford and are related to royalty don’t lose. Simple as that. So we are left with three pretty useless souls in charge of Brexit and NO background work done by the Civil Service.

      Fox and Davis in particular blether a load of utter nonsense, and Johnson isn;t really far behind them. Probably we just expect that from him so don’t notice. They’ve all made fools of themselves and of the UK.

      As you say, getting any favours through that maze of people is going to be extremely hard.

      Yes, they will have friends in some capitals (Budapest comes to mind), but mostly people will be in different minds about them. Of course there is the UK market, and it’s not insubstantial, but Britain has made itself so awkward and disagreeable in so many matters that I think that many will be happy just to get shot of them.

      And we have Fox, Johnson and Davis putting our case? What a nightmare

      I look forward to the negotiations.


  4. There’s hardly a day goes by but for the media flying some kite on behalf of MayHem and her BrexShit acolytes.

    I can see this latest one getting short shrift from Paris and Berlin who have long eyed up the City state of London’s financial services industry as one to be picked off when the opportunity presents itself – and they will seize it with gusto now it has arrived on a golden platter.

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  5. Good point here. Scotland votes to stay in. Engl;and votes to come out, but parts of England (ie London City, and possibly Sunderland’s car factories, get special treatment costing us (including Scotland) billions of pounds.

    Sounds like the kind of deal the Tories would come up with.

    What say you, Ruth? Fluffy?

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    1. I believe the source of the free zones idea is here:


      One question not addressed is how to receive the tax due from a free zone. A free zone, after all, is not strictly under UK jurisdiction. In fact, the link above doesn’t list tax revenues as a benefit of a free zone. The only real benefit of Canary Wharf is that it generates a lot of tax.

      It also doesn’t address how the remaining EEA members would come to accept it as a solution.

      They’re off their heads on ecstasy pipes.

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      1. Another silly idea not thought through?

        Not really surprising when you look at the bozos who are supposed to be the brains behind the whole thing.

        Where on earth is Nige when you need him (OK, I was joking!)

        Possibly soon have Davie Coburn!

        Thanks Terry.


    1. To avoid UKIP poaching their members.

      Bravo Cameron, Gideon, et al.

      I think my only satisfaction is that Cameron’s legacy is even worse than Blair’s, and heaven knows that’s saying something.


    1. Would it?

      Sunderland won’t be independent. Nor will London. So no, I don;t think so.

      Might it be a step on the way?

      Yes. So Bring it on!


  6. Y’know. if we were allowed our own separate negotiations with Europe, London over pass-porting rights, England over immigration, Scotland over free access and whatever other fractured bit of the UK that thinks we have been royally screwed in this referendum, well we wouldn’t need Westminster whatsoever.

    Seems like a plan to me!


    1. I guess that’s what Terry was saying, Douglas.

      I just wonder what the cost would be in terms of paying the EU for all these privileges (which we have at the moment) and how many bits of the UK would genuinely remain absolutely outside the EU…

      All that seems like it’s just another step on the way to the dismantling n the UK. Good one as far as I’m concerned.


  7. Much of the bluster coming from Westminster assumes that they will be dealing with an EU pre 2015.
    The EU is moving along and is likely to make significant changes to the way it operates between now and London finally exiting.
    The difference is that London now has no say and can no longer block changes it doesn’t like.
    The longer the exit process takes,the greater the changes will be.

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