12 thoughts on “UKOK…? WELL, NOT REALLY”

  1. The true state of Scotland’s economy is mostly a state secret and the repetitive story about us being dependent on England’s generosity for our survival continues.
    They compare us with Greece but don’t explain why they want to bail us out but not them.
    When Iceland’s economy went belly up in 2008,they declared it a terrorist state and froze their assets in London (not the actions of a benevolent,caring,generous state).
    So,the anecdotal evidence does not support their claims.
    Farm produce from Scotland is sent to England for processing and then returns on the back of a supermarket truck to stores in our country.
    No doubt,this counts as “trade” with England but is just one example of a practice which would change after independence,especially if they follow through on their threat of trade barriers.
    An independent Scotland would look very different from the present quasi colonial state and would most importantly be shaped by us Scots and not vested interests in London.

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    1. The comparison with Greece was false as someone went to the trouble to do a comparison graphic explained. On every single indicator, it was wrong. it was the kind of accusation that only a fool would have made.

      As for Iceland, well, they jailed the criminals and didn’t hurt the people and are now back growing again like a sensible little country should be. Despite continued and continual revelations about British banks cheating, lying and profiteering, no one has paid. Oh yes, the banks, bailed out with taxpayers’ money have been fined, but hey, it’s us that’s paying the fines. Not one of them has had anything done to him, save for Goodwin who lost his stupid pathetic little title. OK, it probably meant a lot to him, but it was damn all. He had another job within weeks. He wouldn’t have managed that lark in Iceland because he’d be in Litla-Hraun, where they wash cars for pocket money.

      Needless to say prison is rarely for those and such as those in the UK.


  2. Can’t understand the mentality of the Nay sayers…we’ve everything a country could wish for, plentiful food and drink, oil, energy, educated population in life sciences and medicine…what else in god’s name are we lacking to be self sufficient like any other normal country…maybe the backbone and positivity just aren’t in our DNA to handle our own affairs. If Indy ref 2 materialises and it’s a negative result i will give up and concede that we are truly deficient in brain cell department.

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    1. I think it’s the mainstream media repeatedly telling people what a wonderful country the Uk is; how dreadful everywhere else is. There is a subliminal message that Scots alone are not as clever as Danes, or Irish or Icelanders… nor even as Luxembourgers or Maltese or Monegasques. Not even as bright as the people from Man or Sark.

      Sad isn’t it.

      The truth is that our most comparable neighbour, Norway, is one of the richest nations on earth, and we’re not. And it’s mos certainly not becasue we’re stupider, or less able than them


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