Well, what can we say? Christian Holliday (what were his parents thinking?) is a Tory Councillor in Guildford. Better think about arresting me for Treason then , Chris!


Another corker! Maxie, really hates the SNP.  But I doubt it would be legal to do this. That daft money grubbing old duffer Jack Straw (you remember him? The one who rejoiced at Brexit because it meant attention was taken off his and Blair’s  part in Iraq and all the attendant criminality) suggested making it illegal to have another referendum…EVER. Still, he never was much for democracy, was he?

27 thoughts on “PATHETIC PETITIONS”

  1. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. What age are they living in; I suspect one where the globe is a nice shade of pink, where johnny foreigner knew his place, and when the forelock tugging jocks were willing servants of Empire. It wid gie ye the dry boak, especially as the poor deluded buggers appear serious

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  2. was watching that loony woman on telly sunday politics
    brexiter saying MPs at Parliament should not be allowed
    to thwart the referendum vote to leave.
    apart from being in a parliamentary democracy this
    was the same loon who kept saying add infinitum
    we must take back control from the unrepresentative
    eu and return our governance to Westminster.

    well what happened there then as Zoe
    says in the guardian

    “These aren’t hard Brexiters. They’re political extremists”
    bang on there !!!

    and you got May prepared to pay OUR billions to
    the eu to keep passporting rights for the city of
    london bank sector.
    thats OUR pounds in OUR pockets being taken
    given to the eu to keep rich bankers even more rich.

    why not let the city of london bankers pay for the
    passporting rights themselves ????

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    1. Yes, I heard that somewhere, that the UK could buy it’s way into the single market for banks…which is what it is.

      They are just about loonie enough to do it.

      When you think about it, since Thatcher, it’s the Uk’s biggest asset (and of course London voted to stay in the EU). If they lose that, they are in trouble. The other big trade seems to be arms to dictators. That’s looking a bit shaky at the moment too.

      I fear we are screwed.


    1. Yes, Niko. It is cheering because it was what folk like Munguin were saying all along.

      Nothing to do with hatred of the English. Everything to do with what this Engl;ish lad describes as a more liberal Scotland. Far from perfect by the way, but more open to foreigners, minorities, poor people. Less rigid and old fashioned. Much less likely to be led by the nose by the Daily Mail or the Express, much less the toilet paper they sell as the Star!

      I saw that Eric Joyce, ex-Labour MP who was a unionist, has now moved over to independence supporter.

      We’ll never persuade the Tories. By and large they are solidly for their union, which suits them very nicely. But I suspect more and more people from Labour and Liberal Democrats will be looking to be shot of an increasingly right wing UK.

      I don;t know how Brexit will work out. Fox and his lot seem to be under some illusion that because 100 years ago Britain was important the EU will cave in and let them be members without being members. All the goodies and none of the bad things.

      Well, maybe Foxy can pull that one with some help from the royal yacht and Duchess Middleton. Who knows? Read Terry Entour’s blog for some more cerebral coverage and researched arguments. He doesn’t fancy their chances either.

      But all I can see is bleak, bleaker and more bleak.

      And all that without anyone to protect us from the worst ravages of the Tories, because unless Labour up their game and stop fighting with each other and start fighting the Tories, I’m not seeing Corbyn in Downing Street anytime soon.

      To coin a phrase: No thanks.


  3. First class clowns all round.

    Would Councillor Holliday rage against all other free trade arrangements? His twitter timeline seems to involve saying “no” a lot. I don’t recommend looking if you are about to eat.


        1. “Let me point out gently to Cllr Holliday that 16.1 million people voted to remain in the EU – and the courts are busy enough as it is without trying to prosecute all of them for treason.”

          Brilliant quote there from the article.

          There are times for party leaders to be tactful, as Mr Corbyn has shown recently, but I think this is one case where Mrs may would have been well advised to say that the bloke was stark raving mad and was nothing whatsoever to do with them!


    1. Aye, the only way we can keep them is to make it treason to support the EU and ban them from having a referendum…

      That’ll work well.


  4. Any deal would have to go through the European Parliament. Martin Schultz (President of said parliament) said: “I cannot accept that lorries & hedge funds can cross borders, but citizens can not.” I suspect that there might might be difficulties passing a special deal for London.

    Read the whole of his speech here:

    The Express reported it rather differently.

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    1. Thanks. That’s interesting.

      The Express gets dafter by the day. Really quite deranged in its passionate hatred of anything that isn’t British/English, or Kate, or Diana.

      It worries me a little.


      1. I often wonder if the Express’s reporters have been anywhere near the event they report on. I actually sometimes wonder if they are resident on Earth!


      2. I sometimes ponder why the yoon propagandists; i.e. Express and Mail journalists do it. Either they believe all the crap the write, which shows that you need a very special journalistic qualification; the one where you were never taught the basics differences between journalism and propaganda – which would be sad; or alternatively they know fine well they are purveyors of crap and lies but they just do it anyway coz its a job , which would be even sadder; or maybe real investigative journalism doesn’t matter in Daily Diana land coz we all know its either the fault of johnny foreigner or those bloody whingeing jocks

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        1. Well, I suspect that they know it’s rubbish, but it’s what the editor wants, and it pays the bills, and at a time when newspapers are paying off staff and contracting to smaller offices and ex-journalists are working in Asda, that’s not a bad thing.

          Of course it takes a certain kind of jouro to do that. But enough to keep the idiotic nonsense they print coming.


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