27 thoughts on “THIS RINGING ANY BELLS?”

  1. Yep snp having their yearly rally to celebrate
    Volksgemeinschaft we need the people the good
    people of Scotland ( who voted NO NO NO to Independence )
    to see the danger of what the wealthy snp big wigs
    want to impose on the Scots.


    1. 55% isn’t “NO NO NO” Niko. It’s more of a: “Hing oan…mebbe we’re being a bit hasty. That nice Mr Cameron wouldn’t lie to us. I’m sure that thing with the pig’s heid is nonsense.”

      After the Tory conference it’s: “FUCK FUCK FUCK-HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO FUCKING STUPID!”

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    2. I think the Gemeinschaft was celebrated by the British in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago. But, what the hell, uncork another bottle and knock them back. Cheers!

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  2. 1. The SNP aren’t ‘fascists’ Niko, get a grip.

    2. Trump is a populist, potentially fascistic … alarming … but Hillary will win (stats show, only a low demo turnout can possibly give him a win, even then it is statistically highly unlikely) — think Python, ‘bright side of life’!

    3. ‘Disdain for intellectuals and the arts’
    Anyone else reminded of Michael Gove’s EUref quote :”people have had enough of the experts”?

    What shameful remark that was.


    1. I think Niko was joking, Dean.

      I am seriously worried that the hard Brexiteers are fulfilling many of the requirements about, or starting to.

      I’m worried too hearing about France and Hungary. Orban is a scary man, and Marine is even scarier (although she won’t win either).

      I imagine Trump won’t win, but that the man has reached where he has reached is a very frightening reflection of Mrs May’s boss’s country. If he did win, would May have the bottle to say that the special relationship was over?


      1. There is only one thing missing from their “constitution” Tris …

        Ensure wherever possible all inhabitants of our glorious country are on a list … even if the list in question is a list of people not already on a list!


      1. Sorry Dean but when people vote for a party that behaves in an identical fashion to one previously led by a certain A.Hitler then you’ll find I have a tendency to call them out. If they do not like it then it is up to THEM, not me or anyone else, to change the perception.

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      2. And the Tory party is what? Caring and sharing, welcoming of those in need, or amoral self serving imperialist, self aggrandising multimillionaire shysters?

        The above post, the topic being discussed, is all about the Tories and their recent behaviour, announcements and their idiocy; as if you didn’t know.


      3. I don’t think Arbroath did, Dean. And she is certainly not a nasty person.

        The rhetoric in the lead up to the referendum was appalling. It was massively generated by the gutter press, but the likes of Farage, IDS, Patel and latterly Boris added to it.

        OK, we thought, it was a set of lies to win a referendum. God knows we are used to that. But the speeches at the Tory Party conference shocked and slightly frightened me. Instead of putting the racist genie back in the bottle, they shook the bottle and the genie was spread all over the country. Now I have European friends who are frightened to talk their own language to each other on the bus, or in the street, in a café or bar. After all, a guy got killed for being Polish, an MP got killed for being pro-Europe and people all over the UK have had hassle for being foreign, including doctors treating their patients.

        Now it wasn’t the Tory party who did that. Fringe nutters; members of Britain first or the English Defence League, the BNP or just random louts. But why didn;t the Tories use their conference to put the llid on it instead of amplifying it?


  3. I always used to laugh when David Willetts was referred to as a “Tory intellectual”. I think he wrote a pamphlet or something like that and he wore specs and had a bit of a Tefal so, yeah, he was definitely an intellectual. Not sure if I should be worried but you never hear about Tory or Labour intellectuals any more. The barrier is pretty low so something else has changed.


    1. Yes, I remember, Terry. They called him “Two Brains”.

      I think at one time they did the same with the ghastly Redwood. All I remember about him was his playing at being a puppet when he was secretary of state for Wales and they played the Welsh National Anthem.

      He pretended he know the words, but clearly didn’t.

      I’m trying hard to think of a genuine intellectual in the Tory Party and failing to come up with one.


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