1. Morning. You OK?
2. Black Wing Stilt, in case you’re wondering.
3. It’s Autumn.
4. The joys of raising a family.
5. Mallow Castle.
6. What a bridge.
7. MMMMMMMMMMMMM …Nice smell.
8. Go away. I can’t talk with my mouth full.
9. I’m an Indonesian Dragon.
10. Peace…
11. Here, I brought this for you.
12. I’m a Devil… from Tasmania.
13. Crow.
14. Soon be winter.
15. Is this what they call a cat and mouse game?
16. I can jump higher than you.
17. This is an old Botswanan custom.


18. I’m not asleep; just resting my eyes.


19. Whatcha mean what have I been up to? I look guilty? Nah. Not me.

20. Well, that’s all for this week…see you Sunday.

19 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Those were lovely. And what a preponderance of orange animals that weren’t all of my favourite cousins. I really liked the fox and the daffodil – which sounds like a pub name! I do love an elephant and I got three! But that bird didn’t half have long skinny legs.

    All this and some lovely vistas, makes logging in to post a wee bit less of a chore!


    1. I’m sorry you are having to log in to post. Do you have the same problem with other WordPress blogs?

      I loved the fox too… and the goat with his/her daisy.


      1. I do indeed have the same problem with wordpress blogs – I think it is because I have a wordpress account. It’s a blessed nuisance – however even if I don’t post on every new piece, rest assured I’ll always be reading them. And I’ll always post on Soppy Sunday.

        I suspect everyone is having to log in given how few posts this SS has to date, bah humbug.

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        1. I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve never had to log in from Bruce’s blog. Have you?

          I don’t know what’s happened to the comments. Used to be so many on SS.

          Never mind, I hope everyone’s enjoying the pics anyway.

          We don’t do it for the numbers.


    2. The comments work great for me. The very FIRST time I posted a comment, it asked me (right under the comment box) to provide an Email address and the screen name I wished to use. But I only needed to do that one time. Now when I comment, that information is still there and I don’t have to do any sort of login again.

      I suppose that some browser settings might not retain that Email/Screen Name info, but I’m using Firefox, and that information is always there when I comment.

      I see that it also gives you the option of logging in with your WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ accounts. I don’t know how that works, but it might give people other options. But for me, it was a one time thing and it’s been great.


      1. Yes, the same for me. Prior to us coming here, I used to comment on Bruce’s site. For a while I just couldnt comment at all. I would type something and it would disappear. Suddenly all was well and I never have to log in.

        It really is weird.


    1. I expect the crows are glad about it too.

      I like them very much. They are clever little things.

      A few years ago I was in ASDA car park and someone had dropped a container of pasta salad. This crow was trying like mad to get into it. I went over and of course it flew off but stopped to watch what I was doing. I opened the packet and left it and the crow went back down and got stuck into the salad. When I can out there was one fat looking crow with mayo all over his beak!

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  2. I am worried about access to your amazingly good site. I had you listed as a site I wanted to access and it disappeared. I fear for your membership / friends / chums that love what you do here if they are also experiencing this difficulty.


    1. Here in the US0fA, I’m having no problem at all getting to Munguin’s New Republic. I’ve just bookmarked and it pops right up, with the current and past blog entries. Then if I want to comment, I just click on the comments and they pop up too. So Munguin on WordPress is working great for me.

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  3. I think that’s the first time that I’ve ever seen a hippopotamus out of the water. Really quite an interesting picture! I’ve also heard that hippopotamus is the only noun in the English language that has no recognized plural form. Two reasons for this are advanced. One is that there is no need for a plural since no one would ever want more than one hippopotamus. The other possible explanation is that there is simply no possible plural form that doesn’t look really silly, while also being unspellable.


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