Norge avvist tilnærmelser fra Mr Fox

That hapless character, disgraced former (and once again minister), Liam Fox has approached the Norwegian minister for trade and industry, suggesting that they should work together to establish a task force to prepare for a trade deal once Britain leaves the EU.

But the trade minister from Norway; she says NO.

Fox, as usual living in a cloud cuckoo land where a British royal yacht sails majestically  up a fjord with trumpeters trumpeting, court jesters jesting and flunkies flunking (that will be Fox), assumed that Norway would jump at the chance of working with America’s representative on Earth.

But the foreign minister of Norway; he said NO.

The Norwegian Foreign ministry’s director general for European affairs, Niels Engelschiøn, thought that joining the UK in a special task force would jeopardise Norway’s European Economic Area (EEA) agreement.

What Fox has seemingly always been sadly unaware of, is that other countries have existing agreements which are more important to them than striking out with the United Kingdom, no matter how big its economy and how important it is, that is has a “special relationship” with a country which actually is pretty important, what a big boat it’s got or how attractive the wife of one of its princes is.

Norway is a member of the EEA through its membership of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). It has rejected joining the EU in a couple of referenda, but effectively has a soft ‘Nexit’ agreement which involves it paying to be a part of the single market. That means that it accepts EU legislation relating to the market, and that there is freedom of movement of goods, finance and people.

It has been mooted that Britain might rejoin EFTA, whose membership presently comprises Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. However, the combined total of the populations of the EFTA states is somewhere in the region of 14 million. The UK would swamp the other countries and, given its reputation for wanting its own way on everything, the likelihood is that any application for membership will be rejected.

I’m sure however, that if Mr Fox carries on he’ll find someone somewhere that wants to trade with the UK.


31 thoughts on “Norge avvist tilnærmelser fra Mr Fox”

  1. Its going to be a hard “Brexit”, as in the UK will still pay to play, but have no say in any shape, nor form, in the running of the EU, once again the big boys and girls at Westminster have proven themselves wanting.

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    1. “Parliament has been concerned that ILO [International Labour Organization] Conventions, labour rights and human rights should be in our agreements, and those concerns are not usually at the top of the list of the things the UK negotiates over,” she…a Conservative PM said.

      Well, really, who’d want the UK lording it over them all, making them all do things the UK way. After all…look at the economies of these four countries, and then look at the economy of the UK.


  2. I had to remind myself what it was, specifically, about the Fox that was so abominable. I found this:

    ” Let’s remind ourselves what Fox did. He allowed his close friend and best man, Adam Werrity, to take up an unofficial and undeclared role in which he attended meetings at the Ministry of Defence without first obtaining security clearance. Werrity had access to Fox’s diary, printed business cards announcing himself as his advisor, and even joined him at meetings with foreign dignitaries.

    An investigation by then cabinet secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell found that Fox had shown a lack of judgement by blurring the lines between his official role and his personal friendships. His report concluded: “The disclosure outside the MoD of details about future visits overseas posed a degree of security risk not only to Dr Fox, but also to the accompanying official party.”

    Once upon a time a porous boundary between the personal and the professional, especially when it touched on matters of national security, was a breach big enough to end a career. John Profumo left politics altogether and spent 30 years cleaning toilets to atone for his mistakes. Fox, though, has hung around the back benches feeling hard done by and waiting for the moment to return to his rightful place. He is, in the most literal sense, shameless.

    The media must take its share of the blame for this. Fox’s slow motion rehabilitation has been enabled largely by the fact that time-pressed reporters and producers have often turned to him when they need a good quote attacking the government from the right. Under the circumstances, it probably felt a bit off to make too much of his ignominious departure from office.”

    Now back at the centre of government.

    Well, that’s the Tory / fascists for you.

    Your welcome…..

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      1. Brilliant article there, Terry.

        The man is moderately more repugnant than I had thought him.

        I love that he insists on being called Dr Fox. Pompous arse.

        As I understand it medical doctors are given an honorary “DR” title, having completed, amongst practical training, two separate bachelor degrees. If he is still a practising medic, I would call him “Dr Fox”. As he isn’t I shall refer to him as Mr Fox, of just “Fox”.

        He’s in good company with Azerbaijan though.

        I believe the equally cretinous Tony Blair is well thought of over there and has similarly been purchased with Azerbaijani money. If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t prince Air Miles also part of their employee base when he was some sort of trade ambassador for the UK… before he too had to resign in disgrace?


    1. Yes, indeed, Douglas. I understand that Werrity travelled with him and was provided with accommodation at our expense while meeting with some ‘top’ people from the Middle East. Cabinet Ministers tend not to do stuff on the cheap, so that’ll have cost us a packet. Mots of all, of course was the security risk Mr Fox’s young friend posed, that you point out in your article.

      He’s a cretinous little toe rag.


  3. Of course Tris both you and his Lordship the Munguin one will be fully aware that even Brexit is not going to be cheap. This might be why our Nazi leaders in London don’t want to tell anyone exactly what is going on.

    It looks like even trying to leave the E.U. is going to cost the U.K. Treasury money. They kept THAT quiet during the referendum methinks.


  4. As far as England joining any bloc trading with Europe is concerned,no chance.
    Having turned their back on the EU,everyone knows that allowing them to join e.g. EFTA would result in them trying to undermine existing trading arrangements with the EU and that is just not going to happen.
    They are now a pariah state internationally and no one will accept them as part of a trading bloc so the only alternative will be to do trade deals with individual countries and have WTO arrangements with the EU.
    The EU will deal with England in the same way as it does say Australia and it is going to take decades to build up a portfolio of trade deals to make up for the loss of free access to the EU market.

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    1. Ye. I reckon you have it there.

      Not to be trusted. Leave when they don’t like something (in this case “foreigners”) The trouble is, Westminster, you really can’t do overseas deals unless you deal with “foreigners”. It’s kinda what “overseas” is all about.


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