Munguin Esq: Proprietor

Munguin wishes to apologise for any inconvenience caused when his minions were updating the site this afternoon. Compared with Blogger, WordPress is decidedly complicated.

We know that some had expressed approval of the design of the site, however, we found that it was impossible to add sidebars with blog links to that design. So we had to find an alternative that would allow us to do that.

It’s maybe not so pretty, but it’s practical.

Hopefully, when we are a little more conversant with the site we’ll be able to change the colours around a bit and make it more appealing.

I think we got most of the current blogs onto the list. if there are any we’ve missed, please let us know and we’ll update!




25 thoughts on “Housekeeping”

  1. yeah all nats are untrustworthy swines made meself
    a luvvly ham cheesey eats put on plate mobile rings
    (her AGAIN) puts down plate on sette pick up
    quick as a flash Taz grabs luvvly eats and chews it
    up just manage to save half of ham wid teeth marks
    bollocks i thought and chews the bit Taz did not get his
    teeth into then throws him wot was left……

    nat can not be trusted not a bit not wid ham and cheesy

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    1. Poor dog was probably starving. Unionists are not generous, are they? Probably in league with Mrs Niko (you distract the old goat, I’ll grab something to eat before i starve to death!)

      C’est la vie.


    1. LOL yes.

      Thanks for doing that, Niko.

      No, whatever else we are, we aren’t and never will be enemies.

      Just mates who disagree.


  2. Tris,

    It’s all fine, really it is. Your huge following of soppy folk – like me – will make a point of finding you again. We cannot forgo our weekly ‘fix’ of bonobo’s.

    Sadly, your first ‘finder’ appears to be the mad, and bad, Niko. But that is continuity for you too and, sadly again, for me.

    Best of luck on your new abode.

    Do any of your fans know you can adopt a bonobo for £10 a month?

    Know nothing beyond the web address….

    Best wishes.

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  3. Tris – I’m having a moan – I really liked your new header with the cacti, or whatever they were; it was very soothing. You’re dead right, the plain black on it’s own is not nearly so pretty, maybe even a tad utilitarian; however I will persevere, although my artistic soul has been sore besmirched. Mind you, if that’s all I’ve got to whine about then things can’t be all bad. Keep up the good work


    1. LOL. So did I Gary. The trouble is we just couldn’t have cacti and a side bar. It broke my heart too. I really liked it. Tell you what… I’ll see if I can do something for you.

      Uncle Munguin may have something up his sleeve!!!!


  4. Is it possible to have the blogroll update when a new post happens. This was a really useful feature of the old munguin site.

    You could add


    1. I loved that feature. As I don’t know if it will be possible in the new platform, I’ve kept the old site bookmark as it is still updating the blogroll


      1. It’s only possible to have a BlogRoll, but not one that shows latest posts. Lord knows it wasn’t that easy. Fair to say that the old one will keep on updating and I use it myself when I want to see if Bruce or Terry, James or Stuart have blogged something.


    2. I can add, Kanga, but it appears that WordPress does,’t update its BlogRolls. At least I can’t find a way to do it, and I notice other Blogs don’t have that feature.



  5. On a second look there are quite a few blogrolls on your other site that haven’t carried over to this site.
    Max kieser, newsnet, pete wishart etc


  6. the thing I don’t like in the new site is that I have to login to post. Pah. And I have to delete all my details. Funnily enough Panda Paws isn’t my real name… It’s orang fan.


    1. I’m sorry. I can’t understand why you can’t stay and Panda Paws, Orang? I’m not sure if everyone else has that problem. Some people are having to use different names on WordPress.


  7. Good to see the links in place and glad that Munguin is still running a tight ship!
    A name change is a small price to pay for my regular fix!


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