During, and since the referendum on the EU, whilst there was some discussion on the various merits and demerits of the union, the overwhelming theme of the newspapers (of a certain type) in the UK was xenophobic and literally hateful.

Clearly, some press found that hate sold far more copies that nuanced and careful dissection of the facts. This led to some people basing their vote on a rather narrow definition of what the EU was about.

In short… Mr Average (or monsieur Tout le Monde) didn’t want to read about trade deals or exchange rates and would walk past a headline suggesting that was what was on offer, but a story  that foreigners were causing the breakdown of the NHS would chime with someone who had to wait for an appointment or a kid in an overcrowded class.

There seems little doubt to me that this has contributed to a large increase  in the number of hate crimes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, committed against foreigners from the EU or elsewhere. (While there is and has always been some hate crime in Scotland, according to Police Scotland there has been no similar increase here.) Tales abound of people being accosted and assaulted in the streets, and even on at least one occasion, killed, for speaking another language in public.

In view of this, I can’t help thinking that it was imprudent populism that led the UK governing party to highlight last weekend, just how tough they were going to be on foreigners.

The English health secretary made it clear that, just as soon as England had found some English people to train as doctors, they would send foreign medics home. (Just how he was going to do that wasn’t clear. Sack then? Make them redundant? For not being British? Well, with no Human Rights Legislation, anything is possible¬!)

Incidentally, by way of encouragement for English medics to take up these vacated posts, Hunt proposes to fine any doctor who leaves England within the first four years after qualifying!

Amber Rudd, their Home Secretary, intends that companies keep a register of foreign employees. In England, schools are sending out letters to parents asking where their children were born. And Boris the Buffoon is secretly (or not so secretly) stopping EU citizens working on a Brexit project!

Mr Fox, who is one of the Three Brexiteers, has refused to make it clear what will happen to EU people living and working the UK, because he wants to use them as bargaining chips in trying to get concessions from Europe. What a deeply unpleasant man he is. These are people, not chips in a deal, Mr Fox.

All of this seems to me to be deeply unpleasant stuff. Parts of Rudd’s speech were even being compared with Chapter Two of Adolph Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’!

Mrs May says that she wants to lead a government for the ordinary British (read English) working person, not the liberal elite, not the Eton elite. She wants to occupy the “middle ground”, she says! But  I think there is more than a little truth in this humorous piece from the Canary, which suggests that she searches the middle ground between UKIP and the Ebola Virus!

More seriously, and at the risk of being accused of endlessly wittering on about Scottish Independence (eh Niko?) if this is the Britain we are likely to have to live in for the next 9 years, I want out of here! Fast! Before I’m scared to talk French on my phone in the street!




  1. Hi Tris
    Of everything that’s happened since IndyRef 1 this last weeks events are probably those that have scared me most – the mood music coming out of Tory Central is both repellant and offensive – and highly dangerous; but what really depresses me is that I know of many highly intelligent, well read people in Scotland who still refuse to get it! No matter how many times I show them websites like yours and all the other weel kent faces (Wings, WGD, Mark Frankland, etc) they still refuse to make the effort; kind of a dismissive, ‘yeah, OK, we get it,’ but they still tune in to Auntie Beeb, read the P&J and the Daily Heil and it somehow sinks in – it’s pernicious. When these genuinely clever friends of mine, who really should know better starting spouting that it’s all the fault of Johnny Foreigner and the we Scots are no fit to run ourselves I really do despair. What the hell is it going to take to get the stubborn 50%, the previous no voters to actually jump ship. EVEL didn’t do it, the loss of the HMRC and Frigate jobs didn’t do it, Brexit didn’t do it and the endless parade of increasingly grim news from darn sari isn’t doing it. I’m tempted to say ‘I give up, but our right to self determination and to live in an inclusive, outward thinking nation is something I’ll never give up on – despite the endless parade of weary willies who still think ‘maister kens best’. More power to your elbow Tris (although in your case Maister Minguiin does indeed ken best), keep up the good work.

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    1. Bravo Gary. That’s a post on its own. I know what you mean. I have a few highly educated and indeed intellectual friends, solicitors, doctors, who can’t see it, although I suspect that some may be beginning to see the light… and I’d add I have many more who most assuredly see it.

      I think we don’t give up. In a way all this little Britain stuff may do us some good. it’s so ridiculously clear that there is a big gap between popular opinion in Scotland and in the UK.

      Let’s hope so, becasue I’d be scared to live in this kind of country.


  2. Man you just got to love this Nazi Socialist Party these days … don’t you Tris?

    I mean what with foreign Doctors on lists, foreign children on lists, foreign workers on lists how much longer will it be before we have:
    foreign NHS staff on lists
    foreign teachers on lists
    foreign Council workers on lists
    foreign policemen/women on lists
    foreign Firemen/women on lists
    foreign Ambulance drivers/technicians on lists
    foreign military personnel on lists

    I wonder if anyone has told those extremely brave members of the Gurkha’s what their future looks like. I’ll bet the Gurkha’s who have retired here and fought so very hard a few years ago to get their stay and pensions sorted out by the Westminster hate mob are overjoyed at the idea that they will soon all be on a list to be deported back to Nepal!

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    1. Bang on, Arbroath. What is this obsession so many Brits have with hating foreigners? You could call it an island mentality, but I haven’t found it in Eire, or in Iceland. It’s weird and creepy and frightening.

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    1. LOL.

      Munguin is terribly happy to be back. You should see the wee soul, jumping up and down for joy and singing a jolly wee song.

      Thanks, Douglas. 🙂


    1. Hi Jutie… Glad you found your way here. 🙂 I think he’s just not very bright and somewhat out of his depth. I have no idea why May allowed him to stay, when she got rid of Govie and IDS, the underpants and breakfast man.

      But there you go. Who can explain Mrs May?


  3. As most of us all know a certain Neil Oliver is extremely pro Union so I’m guessing he’s ecstatic about das Fuhrer these days. Any way I digress.

    Many years ago our Neil did a series of historical programmes with another professor, Dr. Tony Pollard. I actually quite enjoyed them but that is by the by. Anyway it appears that Tony has seen the light, unlike oor Neil.

    As I said over on WoS I think everyone should give him the support he obviously needs to fully committing himself to Scottish independence.

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  4. Good to see Munguin and Tris back in business. Things are starting to get exciting (or scary!) We need you both more than ever!

    I commented on the old blog as Provost Sludden but WordPress didn’t seem to like that on this or Bruce’s Grumpy Man blog, so lanark it is. Maybe they’re not fans of Alasdair Gray? Anyway best wishes from Greater Unthank!

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    1. Glad you found us OK PS, although I must now call you by your new name!

      I think it’s gonna take more than Munguin to sort this mess, but in common with all the rest of us, we’re going to give it our best shot.

      So stay with us…we’re on it!



        1. I remember the first time I heard it. Mate in London had been to see them and he sent the Youtube of Cheap Flights. I didn’t think I was much going to enjoy it, not sure why, but I thought that, as he’d made the effort to send it, I should listen… (There might be a quiz!)

          Fell about laughing.

          Wish I’d known they were in Edinburgh.


  5. Welcome back!

    Recent events are beyond awful.

    Incidentally, if you fine a doctor for exercising their rights in a free market does that not make the government against the free market? More imortantly, how woud that even work? Will medical students be signing up to a contract with the NHS before they even apply for a job there? What if a fresher medical student said they would never, ever work at the NHS? Would they be banned from the course? Given that students now pay fees to attend university I can’t imagine how that would ever work, unless the government gives them a free education as part of the deal. After all, students, in the government’s doctrinal view, are consumers in the free market of education. This is kerrazzzyyy. It all sounds scarily like bonded labour, especially when the government will likely be free to alter the terms of the “contract” at any time (like they do with state pensions or tax levels).

    Why stop at medical students? Why not make software graduates tend to the Fisheries and Agriculture database of cattle ownership? Why not make us all work in the cotton fields for 2 weeks each year like the do in Uzbekistan? Why not force all economics graduates to work at the Treasury? I’m guessing this “policy” won’t last long.

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    1. Thanks Terry…

      Yes, you make good points. And what wold they do with Scottish doctors in the Scottish health service? These are our doctors educated in OUR universities. What odf doctors leaving teh Engl;ish service for Scottish employment (or NO or Welsh). What about people from Jersey and Guernsey?

      How would they deal with situations where someone HAD to leave because of family circumstances.

      Ill thought out as you would expect from UKIP, erm, I mean the Tories.

      Related to this, what about my citizenship? I’m an EU citizen and they are going to strip me of that. I don’t think I’ve done anything to deserve it. It comes with privileges which I will lose.

      People were told by the UK government that, if Scotland voted to be independent they could retain their citizenship of the UK. Why are we not being given that help. I don;t want to feel like a foreigner in Paris and I want to be able to use the Dutch consulate service if I’m in trouble. The UK one is usually crap.

      Jeeez, what a mess they are making of everything.


      1. Great point: the devolved NHS makes it even harder for that to work. It would have to be a “policy” only for the English NHS. Not thought out at all. I can’t see this becoming a real policy. The truth is, training more UK doctors has been a policy many times. Each time it has failed. This crop of incompetents have enough to deal with already.

        Losing my EU citizenship is a real personal blow. I really do feel European. It gave me all sorts of rights, including the right to work in any EU nation. Doing my best to enjoy it while it lasts.

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        1. Well, exactly. If they can cope with Brexit that will be a shock, never mind training doctors.

          I’m angry at my citizenship being taken away although obviously you have greater reason than I do.

          I don’t want to give up my rights.


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