1. We all know this is what you REALLY missed!
2. David sent us this anemone.
3. I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes, and I’m not just thrilled!
4. From David… Clearly some seriously hungry birds!
5. Wanna play?
6. Mum and baby sea lion.
7. I think that I shall never see, a thing as lovely as a tree.
8. Have you seen the little piggies?
9. Make my day, punk!


10. New Mexico.

11. Not a word about me being in this bucket? OK?


12. “Arm a” Armadillo. See what I did?

13. Scotland. If you’ve not been, you certainly should make plans.
14. What a place to be…
15. I’m not sure mum would let us have the cats in bed with us…
16. Railway stations, Japan style.
17. Another pic from David’s travels.
18. Yep, it’s that time of year…
19. Sand x 250.
20. Oh dear…yawn… we’re out of practice at all this…yawn.. photograph stuff… It’s all just so…yawn… exhausting…snore!

33 thoughts on “THOPPY THURTHDAY (OK, sorry!)”

  1. ah those were lovely. I’ve bookmarked the new site. I’m sure it will take a wee bit of getting used to but welcome back. You’ve been missed

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  2. Thanks, PP. Nice to be back, but somewhat shaky on how to do things. I’m a bit useless when it comes to computery things.


  3. Yippee! Yee ha! The Orangs are back. – I was going to say the monkeys are back, but now the Birmingham Conference is over I thought that might be misconstrued…..

    One wee thing. Can you get the old URL to link to this one? All those thousands of fliers we shipped have the QR code for the old site.

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  4. It seems to work now, Conan. I didn’t have to release that comment.

    I need to import the blog roll though, and not sure how to do that. And inform all the kind folk who had me on their blog lists.

    Jeez it’s all go when you work for Munguin.

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    1. Just testing the “reply” function. I wrote a new individual post and it hasn’t come up yet. Maybe there’s a time delay here. Congratulations and best wishes on your new home.

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  5. Tris: Congratulations and warmest regards from America. Now that Munguin’s Republic is back up and running, and we have the Soppy “Sunday” pictures, our presidential campaign can resume. Both campaigns suspended operations when MR went down. I see that you have an avatar too. I must figure out how that is done. I’m glad that you don’t have to authorize individual posts. If I had to write posts worthy of editorial approval, I would never get anything published.

    Nice pictures! I was concerned that the Orangs might not decide to make the transition to the new site. Nice view of New Mexico……and the Milky Way.

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    1. LOL Danny…

      I know… I got Trump on the phone daily, saying that people are being unkind to him and worrying that no good press in Scotland will be doing his campaign harm… not to mention his golf course.

      Munguin will always be happy to publish your comments.

      I liked New Mexico. I think it might be my new favourite state!


      1. I notice that some of your messages are posted as “trispw”, and others are “tris”. Same avatar on each. Any ideas why that is so? Just curious.

        New Mexico is a very nice place, and you would absolutely love Santa Fe. It’s the oldest state capital in the United States, having been founded by Spain in 1610. At an altitude of slightly over 7,000 ft, at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, it has a pleasant dry climate. But if you’re picky about wanting lots of air to breath, there are much lower areas of New Mexico. (Everybody likes the place. Colonial Spain took it from the indigenous peoples, Mexico took it from Spain, and then the United States took it from Mexico.) Local building codes in Santa Fe require that all buildings be of flat roofed adobe construction in either the Territorial or Pueblo styles. Driving into some of the historic areas, the pueblo architecture makes it seem like driving into eighteenth century colonial Spain. AND if you are a movie star, a captain of industry, or are otherwise as rich as Croesus, then you MIGHT be able to afford to live there.

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      2. There’s also the strange fact that some postings have a “Reply” to click on while others don’t. Oh well….it will all come clear in time. No obvious way to delete a posted message either. Yes……I realize I’m quibbling…….never satisfied……..LOL.

        As an international media mogul, Munguin would be quite at home in Santa Fe rubbing shoulders with movie stars, etc. Just a short plane flight for the big shots who can’t stand the urban sprawl of Los Angeles.

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        1. I’ve not quite worked out the reply thing either Danny.

          As you say. It will all become clear in the near future.

          I’m hoping Munguin will send me over to look at properties in Santa Fe… if so, I’ll pick you up on the way 🙂


    1. Hi there Alun…erm… yeah…. hmmmm… tell me how to do it and I’ll happily send you one. I’m hoping that some of our old friends will put up the new republic on their sites…which will make finding us easier. And of course, as soon as I work out how to create a blog list, I’ll be on it.


    1. Don’t you think that more and more the whole monarchy thing is just some ridiculous farce played out to keep the plebs grovelling?

      Mind I saw something recently that suggested that over 60% of the UK population are in favour of the queen.

      Not that “over 60% means anything to the British government!


    1. In what way, Rod? I mean it’s pretty much the same as the old one from readers’ point of view. The mechanics are a bit different,and I’m struggling with it, but I’ll get there. If you’re having problems let me know.


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